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Weekly Message for Sunday, September 29, 2002

Almost every time I write about LOVE, I get a massive amount of e-mail messages and prayer requests.  Why?  Because LOVE is so misunderstood in our modern day world.  So many people confuse LOVE with what they see in the movies or read about in books.  Many of us fall into the trap of believing that our experiences of LOVE must be a reflection of the movies, the novels, or the experiences of other people.  These beliefs keep us from our own "true" adventure of LOVE creating band-aids that separate the experience of LOVE from us by shielding us from the necessity for inner change.  When we are satisfied with LOVE, our LIFE takes on a different dimension.  LOVE makes everything an adventure ... because true LOVE is GOD manifest in our Life .

                How do we get to this place in our Life where we REALIZE true LOVE?  We quit affirming that it is not ... and start affirming daily and often ..... most often ... that GOD IS HERE AND NOW!  THERE IS NO MORE OF GOD TOMORROW IN OUR LIFE THAN THERE IS TODAY AND THERE IS NO MORE LOVE TOMORROW IN OUR LIFE THAN THERE IS TODAY!  We must stop our foolish willingness to DELAY GOD (GOOD) IN OUR LIFE!  GOD IS HERE AND NOW - GOD IS LOVE - SO LOVE IS HERE AND NOW!  Not tomorrow .... not next week, next month ....... NOW!  There will never BE MORE OF GOD THAN THERE IS TODAY!  It would be impossible to be otherwise.  GOD IS OMNIPRESENT ... ALL PRESENT .... ALL IN ALL.... ALL THAT WE DESIRE OF GOOD IS NOW ... LOVE IS NOW .... THE ADVENTURE OF LOVE IS NOW!

             So many of us miss the adventure of LOVE because we have so limited ourselves to how IT must be expressed in our lives.  Or, we are so certain of the melodramas and the struggles of trying to make IT happen that IT alludes us.... or, we have simply given up on IT and have become complacent to live a life without IT or have settled for a compromise.  Perhaps we have bought into the "false belief" that true LOVE, unconditional LOVE, is impossible to experience.  But, that which is impossible for man/woman, IS POSSIBLE WITH LOVE..... do you believe this? .. As Dr. Ernest Holmes would say, "either we are believing that IT IS, or we are believing that IT IS NOT!"  There is no BAND-AID for believing that IT IS NOT ... we must correct this idea in our consciousness ...... and get on with LIFE, LOVE & TRUTH!

            If we truly want LOVE IN ITS GREATEST, LOVE IN ITS MOST DYNAMIC ... THE TRUE ADVENTURE OF LOVE ... we must BE WILLING to give up all our concepts and beliefs about LOVELOVE will take us into a higher realm of spiritual growth .. into a greater expansion of consciousness .... IF WE LET IT!  My father, Glen W. Bates, Sr., would tell us over and over again "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."  LOVE WILL LEAD US ... BUT WE MUST DRINK IN THE DIVINE ESSENCE OF IT IN ORDER TO REALIZE IT IN OUR LIVES..... ITS ESSENCE IS CHANGE .... LOVE WILL CHANGE US ... AND CHANGE US AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN - IT IT DOESN'T CHANGE US ....... IT IS NOT LOVE!  AND THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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