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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 1, 2006 

       ``You must do the very thing you think you cannot do."  - Eleanor Roosevelt

As we realize the Power of God within us, our expectations of our ability to actualize greater success, prosperity, health, loving relationships and happiness rise higher in our consciousness.  This realization of the Power within us comes through spiritual wisdom and understanding.  From the Book of Proverbs 4: 7 "The beginning of wisdom is:  get wisdom; at the cost of all you have, get understanding. "

As we gain a greater understanding of the "I Am" within us and realize Its Power in a greater way we will find an ease of empowerment in our lives that was missing in our previous experiences.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "I Am the Light of the world" ... and this, the greatest misunderstanding of His teaching can be traced back to this statement ... for the masses of people then ... and now ... believed that the man Jesus was the "Light of the world" and the rest of us remain in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.  In Truth, this "I Am" is within everyone of us ... it is the Indwelling Presence of God ... the spark of the Divine that connects us to Life.  And most of us who study metaphysics know this on an intellectual level ... but how often do we forget it in our daily lives?  We know that no one can say "I Am" for anyone else ... and therefore this Power remains with the individual ... and is "activated" through our choices.  But ... a spark that lies dormant within our consciousness ... does not "light" up anything.

When I first began studying metaphysics (The Science of Mind), I was surprised and a little put off that we were encouraged to "pray" for parking spaces.  In my ignorance I thought it was somehow blasphemous to pray for parking spaces.  I didn't realize at that point in my study of metaphysics that there is no big or small to the Infinite ... and that prayer is in effect, recognizing that the Presence of God is at hand ... always ... and is available for us to call on It ... for any Good thing we can imagine for ourselves.  We can never recognize God too much ... for Its capacity is infinite ... and It desires for us to accept all that "the Father hath" ... we have learned this from the Master Mind Jesus.

    Understanding our relationship with God brings us automatically in opposition to the "world's" idea of our relationship to God.  The "world" is still separating us from God and attempting to separate us from the Indwelling Power of God within us.  Many religions to this day continue to teach their followers to get on their knees ... bow their heads ... or other forms of subjugation ...  rather than realize their Oneness with God.  The great metaphysician, Jesus ... never taught us to take this type of irrational action in regards to God.  He said to "look up and not down" ... raise our head and in the same manner "raise our consciousness" to God!  But religion lacks this understanding by and large to this very day ... even Christian religions!

     What a bold and glorious statement of faith the Master Mind Jesus made when He declared, "I Am the Light of the world!" ... but this was not a statement from His ego or in arrogance ... He fully and completely realized that this Light was the Infinite shining through Him ... and that It would shine through us just as clearly if we "let It" ... through our understanding and acceptance of the Truth.

      As we realize this great Truth of our ever-present Oneness with God ... through our recognition of the "I Am" within us ... we will no longer find ourselves standing outside of the Good that we desire to experience.  As we study, meditate, contemplate ... and affirm this statement as the Truth for us ... and condition our mind to not miss-use this "I Am" Power within by aligning It with the wrong choices ... we will find ourselves BEING OUTSTANDING ... in every area of our lives.  "I Am" experiencing an outstanding Life ... right now in this moment ... let us "let" It experience this outstanding Life through us, as us and for us ... today and always!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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