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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 2, 2005)      

          (A Special Lecture given by Dr. Joseph Murphy at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, California)

         Every man must have a sense of self-esteem.  He must approve of the Self within him and give honor to the qualities, attributes, and potencies of God.  God dwells in all men, and the Self of each man is the presence and power of God.  Each man must feel that he is wanted and loved - that he is adequate to every task, that he is needed in the scheme of life, and that he is fulfilling his role in the universe.  Man is here to express himself fully and feel a sense of worthwhile-ness and security in his oneness with God.  Inasmuch as man lives with himself all the time, he must learn to like himself.  Unless man exalts the God-Self within him, he will feel inferior, inadequate, insecure, and will perhaps consider himself a sinner.  No man can be happy who considers himself a sinner.  There is deep psychological and spiritual necessity for self-esteem in the hearts of all men throughout the world.  Down through the ages many ceremonies, rituals, and methods have been invented for the express purpose of banishing the feeling of sin and guilt which have engulfed the masses.

         The sense of guild is called a mental disease (disease means "not at ease") and is extremely common.  In the field of modern psychosomatics and psychiatric medicine, it is clearly pointed out that a deep sense of guilt, coupled with frustration, lies in back of most of our mental disorders and consequently back of the personality conflicts and bodily diseases as well as business and home conditions.  The sense of guilt is abnormal and unnatural, even though it seems to be almost universal.  For example, a child is not born with a sense of guilt.  The feeling of guilt is imposed from without, usually by parents, teachers, and nurses, together with the beliefs of the race mind.

       All of us know that a baby has no sense of sin.  The baby's first feeling of guilt comes when he senses that mother is angry or displeased with him.  His mother is more or less a god to him; moreover, she represents authority and law.  He is dependent upon his mother for food, comfort, love, and security.

       When we were born into the world, we had little or no sense of true values.  As children we knew nothing about man-made religions, creeds, dogmas, or customs, or man-made laws, rules, and regulations.  In the beginning the child is like a little animal, and is free from inhibitions and does what seems to him to be natural.  But mother may scold him or perhaps punish him by slapping him.  She may say to him that he is a bad boy and that God will punish him.  The child does not understand and is baffled.  Instinctively the child feels himself cut off from love, from security, from a sense of kindness and giving-ness.  The child feels that he is punished for something which he doesn't understand, becomes confused, and concludes that he must be bad.  He has his first feeling of guilt and of being a sinner.  He is perplexed and proceeds to protect himself.  Instinctively he reacts to his mother's reprimand or display of anger in different ways.  He may become fearful, or he may fight back in his own way by going into a tantrum because of inner conflict.

      The child's failure to get his desires satisfied where these are contrary to the wishes of his parents (and later contrary to religious, social, and state laws and customs) deepens his sense of guilt and sin.  Instinctively he wants to do that which seems natural to him, but authority says, "no."  The result is some conflict with authority.

      The other day I was in a home, and the little child there admired a ring on my finger and grasped it.  His mother let the child know in no uncertain terms that he could not have the ring, and he began to cry.  Later on the child will have to learn that he can get what he wants in life through Divine Law and Order without infringing on the rights of others.  As the child grows in wisdom and understanding he will acquiesce in good grace with the restrictions of laws and customs, and he will manipulate his way through life successfully.  The cosmic urge to express is within all of us, and when we express ourselves in such a way that we feel satisfied with our achievements and accomplishments and our creations, we are happy.  When we err and fail in life, we feel unhappy and depressed; we begin to think that we are outside the love and esteem of others.

[The lesson above is part of a Special Lecture given by Dr. Joseph Murphy at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, California] [click here for part 2]

Next week ... more from this Lecture, teaching us how to triumph over guilt.  As we know that guilt is merely bringing the past into the Present ... we know that it is possible to overcome it successfully.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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