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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 3, 2004)         

        Religious Science is a religion of joy; it is a religion free from fear and uncertainty; it is a religion of faith, a faith justified by results.  Everyone is instinctively religious, and everyone has an intuition within them which, should we follow it, would lead us inevitably to a place not only of an inner sense of certainty, but to a place of the outer condition of security.
        The Divine Spirit is not limited, nor does It wish to limit us.  Its whole intent is to give us a more abundant life.  The time has come when religion must be made practical, and when faith in the Invisible must be consciously developed free from dogma, superstition and fear. - Dr. Ernest Holmes

       It came to my attention this past week that certain Christian Organizations were making calls to people and using the "Same-Sex Marriage" issue as a way of encouraging people to vote.  Now, by law, these organizations cannot promote a political candidate without endangering their non-profit tax-exempt status ... however, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the intention behind these calls or who their political candidates are ... divisive, judgmental religious folks and divisive, judgmental politicians all share the same small-minds ... minds that have a limited understanding of the Infinite Life that God created ... and they are continually looking for like-minded individuals in order to further their agendas.

      The great concern of these people is that gay and lesbians will get married ... but most of us are aware that many are already married or have been married at some time.  If they happen to be in politics, religious work or sports, and they have been discovered to be gay or lesbian, their names have appeared on the headlines of newspapers and their pictures displayed on television ... because most of them are married to women or men who are not gay or lesbian ... most of them married in Christian churches and belong to the Christian religion ... in other words, they are gay Christians.  And some of them are possibly card-carrying, dues-paying 700 Club Members.  The politicians and religious zealots don't pay too much attention to this.  People with a limited, narrow-minded view firmly entrenched in false ideas of right and wrong seldom waste too much effort on compassion.

       Both the politicians and the religious zealots use their distorted understanding of the Bible to make their case ... but there is nothing in the teachings of Jesus that support their reasoning.  If anything, the Bible is very clear that gay and lesbians have existed since ancient times.  The Old Testament cultural laws were against them ... but the teachings of Jesus summed up in "Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself" ... taught us to ignore human judgments of right and wrong ... and to see everyone as God sees all of us ... through the eyes of Love.

      As the world moves from the old superstitious religious dogma of the past, these marriages between gay and lesbians and heterosexuals will diminish, if not disappear.  Marriage is not supposed to be a "hiding place" nor a "closet" ... and I am not stating that these gay and lesbian people married to heterosexuals do not love their partners ... many do very much ... but these marriages are not the "marriage of the mind" ... the state of being "equally yoked" that we know is the true intention of marriage.

      There are now six provinces in Canada that allow same-sex marriage; two countries, Belgium and the Netherlands ... Spain may be next ... and one of the 50 states in the United States.  I believe that same-sex marriage rights will continue to make great progress around the world ... why? ... because God Is Love ... and Love denies no one.

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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