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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 4, 2009 

                      "The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life."  -  Job 33:4, The Holy Bible (American Standard Version)

             "We weren't cast here as a test to see if our strengths, willpower, and stamina could get us through the turbulence of life.  We're here to issue directives - whatever we wish - to a responsive Universe.  Yet if we think we must go it alone, then the Universe and its principles will dutifully reflect that belief:  we will feel alone.  That's how much freedom we have." 
Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities

      The world has taught us many things that block us from experiencing the Good that we desire to experience.  We are all too familiar with the statement that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ... and although other similar ideas may not be stated the same, they are similar in nature to the negativity that, if accepted, can block us from enjoying the best of times and the best of everything.  A highly advertised marketing program titled, "Rich Dad - Poor Dad" takes as its foundation the idea that a "rich dad" can teach us to be rich while a "poor dad" can hold us in poverty.  I don't have any problem with the marketing concepts and other ideas in this program, although I definitely do not endorse it or any other marketing program, but I do believe that this marketing program and book, are perpetuating a false idea.  And false ideas have a way of entering into the collective-consciousness in subtle ways, and we don't need another distraction from the Truth.

     There is no evidence that we inherit our consciousness from our parents ... and consciousness is everything.  This is not to say that we don't learn from them, we do.  But, there comes a time when we formulate in our mind our own acceptance or rejection of what we have learned from our parents and from the world.  Having a "rich dad" like all things, can be a blessing or a curse.  The same can be said for having a "poor dad."  Some fathers of limited financial means will strive to give their children a greater education and more motivation and inspiration in order for them to enjoy a greater success than they have experienced ... and some do not.  If all wealthy, that is "rich dads" automatically taught their children how to be wealthy and successful then we wouldn't have children of multi-millionaires in "crack houses" ... but we do.  Once again, consciousness is everything.  We may have the greatest advantages of wealth, education, parenting, etc. ... but until we accept wealth and success as part of who we are, both will elude us.

To believe that our ability to attain the level of success and wealth that we desire is dependent on anyone, is nonsense.  In the ancient scriptures, Job is quoted as stating:  "the Spirit of God hath made me" ... and in these words of truth written centuries ago, we can know that we are "of G-d" ... and being a part of G-d, we are part of an infinite consciousness of abundance and all things good.  There is nothing to limit us but the limiting beliefs and ideas we accept from the world in which we live.  We did not come into this world believing that a "rich dad" was a necessity in order for us to be rich.  G-d has given us life, to live, to thrive, to experience life abundantly. 

      As Mike Dooley writes, "we weren't cast here as a test."  All this marketing manipulation and advertising wants to convince us that there is something outside of us that has greater intelligence than that which is within us.  Every idea that we need to be wealthy and successful is available to us ... there is no struggle in Spirit, and therefore struggle has no value for us.  The difference between what is true and what is false is easy to discern, whatever is false contains struggle.  When we struggle, we feel tested, and as we all know, tests are pass or fail ... and there is no failure in G-d and there is no failure in any of us.  "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" perpetuates the myth that wealth is security, but wealth is not security.  Our only security is with G-d, knowing and understanding that we are in G-d and of G-d.  Material wealth can be very temporary and definitely does not guarantee us happiness or security.  True wealth is knowing that we are always drawing from an infinite Supply and the Source and Substance of this Supply, is G-d.

To eliminate all this nonsense in our mind that holds us in bondage to struggle and feeling tested, W. Frederick Keeler, wrote that we must:  "Prepare, then to adopt a very simple method.  Learn to do this one easy thing which is contrary to all the beliefs of the world, and which is the one action taught and advocated by the great teacher, Jesus.  He taught us to to "doers" not "hearers only."  This magic word which describes the only power action known to Mind is:  "Ask," "Choose."  He told us that all things were to be done silently in the "closet" of the mind.  When we reduce his teaching to the one action he advocated as our silent activity, we find it to be choice. ... all things are done by Choice. ... No desire of the living heart is denied by God.  All prayer, all asking is fulfilled."

We may not have chosen our dads, but whether they are rich dads or poor dads, has absolutely nothing to do with our ability to "ask" and "choose" that which we want to experience, to have, and to be.  The right ideas and the right action for us, will not come through the mind of our dads ... but from the One Mind to our own mind.  And that's the way it is.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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