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Weekly Message for Sunday, October 5, 2003

                       "From the smallest thing of our everyday life to the rolling away of
the largest stone of difficulty from our path, this Presence will come in to deliver us.  But its working depends on our trusting, and trusting means getting still inside."
- H. Emilie Cady - How I Used Truth

 In the statement above H. Emilie Cady is re-stating similar statements made by Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of "The Science of Mind."  In fact, Dr. Holmes devoted much of his writings to the issue of trust.  One of my favorite sub-chapters in "The Science of Mind," is "Learning To Trust Will Make You Happy."  It is trust that aligns us with God, Infinite Good ... there is no awareness of God without trust.  Lack of trust is grounded in fear ... and fear is the anti-thesis of faith ... and lack of trust can lead to despair.

Despair is subtle ... it resides within us ... it is that something that keeps us removed from enthusiasm and hope.  Despair robs us of the joy of Life.  It can keep us on edge, it can create stress in both our bodies and our minds.  And it can lead to severe depression.  Despair is fostered by our allowing ourselves to think small ... by allowing ourselves to accept limited Good in a world of abundant Good ... ideas of low self-worth, thoughts of undeserving of Good ..  and self-rejection increase the measure of despair in our consciousness.  The nature of despair is a diminished ability to get into the spirit of Life.  It is prevalent throughout our society as evidenced by the number of people who seek help through psychologists, therapists, psycho-therapists and prescription drugs.  But none of these can solve the problem for the solution is spiritual.  The greatest and best psychologist, therapist, etc. cannot "touch our soul" ... only God in Its Super-Natural way can do it.

Many of us have lost faith in the Super-Natural nature of God.  We have forgotten that beyond what we can see, beyond the Natural .. is the Omnipresent Super-Natural.  What we refer to as miracles in the Natural ... is only the very nature of the Super-Natural as It is activated in our experiences by our faith ... by our trust.  We can read in scripture that we are to "Love God" first ... but without trust there is no Love ... and we will find it very difficult to love others or to love ourselves ... to trust others .. or to trust ourselves ... if we do not "trust in God." 

I find that even in metaphysical teachings such as Religious Science, there are many who cannot accept the Super-Natural nature of God ... there are those who will say "God Is the Source" of my money ... or "there is only One Source of All Things" ... or "God Is All There Is" .... and then turn around and not trust this One Source to BE the Source of all things when the Natural doesn't appear so pleasant ... God Is Omnipresent  and therefore Good Is Omnipresent ... and in Omnipresence there is nothing else ... nothing else that gives to us ... no other activity in our Life but Good ... and our trust in the Super-Natural nature of God never leaves us without a solution, without love, peace or joy.  But we must trust the Super-Natural with everything from the smallest thing of our everyday life to the rolling away of the largest stone of difficulty from our path, we must trust this Presence will deliver us.  For,  its working depends on our trusting, and trusting means getting still inside ... to still the fear ... still the worry ... get so still that nothing can disturb our contemplation of the Power and Presence of God in our lives ... and from this stillness ... the Super-Natural is marvelously revealed.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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