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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 5,  2014

           This past week the thought came to me that the way to a wonderful life is not only possible for everyone but is truly the most important thing we should seek in life.  And like the form of our finger prints, which are uniquely ours, our way must be unique too.  Perhaps we will find direction in a Holy Book, a spiritual message, or just an idea that comes to our awareness as we sit in the silence of our mind.  One thing I am certain of, we won't find it by imitating of others or asking someone else to tell us the way.  It will be ours and ours alone.  Our way may be similar to the way that others have taken.  And the difference may be so subtle that we aren't readily away of it, but different it will be.

        All of the world religions tell us the way to a wonderful life is to worship or idolize a person, a tradition or a theology that is filled with the opinions and beliefs of others.  And there are those who will follow religion because it is easier to have someone else make up the rules, the moral codes and the things which we are to believe than persevere in our spiritual seeking to realize our own truth.  The Master Mind Jesus instructed his followers to "discover" the kingdom of G-d within.  This wasn't a new teaching as we can read in the Book of Proverbs "For as he thinks within himself, so is he."  It is a profound statement of Truth that begins the mental and spiritual journey to self realization.

      Many years ago I wondered why people baptized their children at such a young age not realizing that it was part of the indoctrination into the way of religion.  Can a child two or three years old, and sometimes they are baptized or christened even younger, have an "sins" to "wash away"?  What could possibly be the benefit of this ritual to a child who has yet to begin to understand what this world they have been born into is all about?  And how can anyone look in the face of a child and see anything but the beauty of G-d?  

        I believe the most harmful idea perpetuated by religion is that G-d is separate and apart from us.  This "separation" idea did not come from the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha or Krishna, but from those who followed the teachings of these Master Minds, but only up to a point.  Accepting this as the Truth has conditioned the minds of people to accept that the gifts of Life are granted by someone or Something outside of us.  It has mesmerized the masses of people into believing that G-d can only be present somewhere beyond where we are.  Is it no wonder that the people in Jesus' time thought he was a "heretic" and "blasphemous" for declaring that "I and the Father (Spirit) are One"?  Yet, most people today continue to believe that only Jesus is "One" with G-d.  Why?  Because of one slight but egregious change in a statement of Truth; from "a son of G-d" to the "only" son of G-d.  One would think that people would question this "change" since Jesus begins his "key to life" ... the "Lord's Prayer" with the words "Our Father ..."  But, those who find it easier to follow religion than to "discover" the Truth that can set them free have let their minds be "conditioned" to believe a false idea even one that is contradicted by Jesus himself!

       I was listening to the radio a few days ago, an "Oldies" station popular here in Palm Springs, when a song I was not familiar with was played.  It was Pat Benatar's "Hell is for Children."  I didn't feel much appreciation for the song musically, but I did identify with the message she was putting across in the lyrics.  I am certain there were any number of people who are offended by the song, yet her words are the truth.  Dr. O. C. Smith said something similar in a couple of his Sunday talks.  He said, "fear is the child of an undeveloped consciousness."  The fear of a hell has attracted people to religion throughout history.  And this is because they have never "put away childish things" and moved in mind to the "age of reason" in regards to their knowledge and awareness of their true relationship with G-d and with G-d's Intelligence, Power and Spirit both within them and omnipresent in the world around us.

     The late Janis Joplin was clever with her words, "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?" ... because she spoke to the conditioned mind of the masses of people who continue to look to someone outside of themselves for their good.  It takes time and perseverance to eliminate the collective belief in a god of reward and punishment out there somewhere from our subjective mind (consciousness) as it continues to be perpetuated in the world.  To know that no one gives to us and no can take that which is ours from us frees our mind to both accept and receive the good that we desire to experience.  This is to know that G-d works through us ... through the realization of our true self.  That is, through our own consciousness that knows that the Love and Law of G-d is always available to us, indwelling our own soul ... and we need never look outside ourselves for G-d again.

          Let's affirm these words from the great Dr. Frank Richelieu as the truth for us right now:  "In Spirit I live and move and have my being.  Wherever I am, it is.  Whatever it is, I am.  Whenever I call upon it, it responds.  I have but to align my consciousness to its infinite flow."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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