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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 7, 2007 

                             "Many people are surprised when told about the admiral's (US Navy Admiral Mike Mullen) show business roots. After all, he is humble, well-grounded and filled with common sense. Not exactly what one thinks about when they think of Hollywood values." - George W. Bush, current President of the United States

This past week as I was preparing for my October 10th event in Hollywood at the Ford Theatre, I did a search on Yahoo for "quotes + Hollywood" and found the quote above by George W. Bush.  Frankly, I was surprised by it, after all, one of the GOP candidates for President has a Hollywood background ... not to mention that the GOP icon, President Ronald Reagan, was a long-time Hollywood star.  I am not sure who wrote this for Mr. Bush, but he might want to consider using a different speech writer next time.  Not only does this statement appear harsh, it is also an erroneous one ... and way off base from any unifying quality.

      Values are so subjective and for many of us our values are difficult to clarify.  And I believe this is because people "live' their values more so than speak of their values.  And because we "live" them, we expect others to realize what they are without our telling them.  I don't personally think it is wise to judge another's person's values because I know and believe that everyone is acting from consciousness and whatever values they live to, they are the right and perfect values for them until they become aware of a greater realization in their consciousness.

     A good example of how we live to our values is how people seek peace.  One person may seek peace by enlisting in the military to fight against those who they believe are attempting to disrupt the peace.  Another person may seek peace through marching in "peace marches" and carrying signs of protest against that which they believe disrupts the peace.  And still, another person may simply pray and meditate on peace in solitude.  All three people hold peace as one of their "values" ... but the way in which they seek to realize peace in a greater way is very different.  These differences play out in various ways in almost all things that we hold as our "values."  But, as Dr. Joseph Murphy stated over and over, "there is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it so."

     I lived in Hollywood for many years and I was aware of many people who shared my "values" ... and many who did not.  But ... my values are no more worthy than anyone else's and this is the important thing for us to remember.  And why is this important to remember?  Let's go back to our three examples above:  If the person enlisting in the military sees those who walk in "peace marches" as being against him/her, than they will be carrying this anger into their work in the military and will experience a consequence of holding this anger.  If the person who walks in a peace march is angry at people who they believe are doing nothing to protest that which they believe is disrupting the peace, then this anger will have its consequence as well and negates the good that they are attempting to manifest.  And let's stretch this example a little and say that if the person who is praying and meditating for peace in solitude, is frustrated by the soldier and angry at the peace marchers ... then they will never reach that stillness of mind to make their prayers and meditations effective.  And so we find that we must all approach the "living of our values" in our own individual way and not concern ourselves with how others approach the living of their values.  This may appear to be simplistic, but as we know that All Is Mind and whatever ideas we accept in mind, become our very own, we know this is the Truth.

     I have learned so much from those who personify "Hollywood values" ... the directors, screen writers, actors, and producers of movies and documentaries.  I have become aware of various lifestyles and cultures that I would never have personally experienced.  I am certain all of us have learned something of value from that which originated in Hollywood.  Hollywood has given us the opportunity to be exposed to so many human experiences that would take many lifetimes to experience personally.  And of course, Hollywood has also presented us with much that we may have chosen to avoid ... and that too, is good.  I have personally found that much of what I choose to avoid ... has been vastly popular.  And I am glad that it is so, for I would never want to be in a world where these choices were not available for those that choose them.

It is my opinion that Hollywood values the Creative Mind ... and there is great evidence that this is so.  Walt Disney personified Hollywood values as he persisted in living his passion for creativity.  When I think of Hollywood values I think of movies and documentaries that have inspired me and motivated me to think beyond just my personal experience to the limitless experiences of my brothers and sisters across the globe, people of every race, creed, religion, sexual orientation and culture.  Hollywood has given us the opportunity to open our mind to the world in which we live ... not just our own particular part of this world ... but the whole world.  And when we do, we shall find that we all share the same basic values  ... but our approach in living to them are infinite.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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