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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, October 7, 2012 

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         "as-sump-tion:  1. something taken for granted; a supposition:  a correct assumption.  2. the act of taking for granted or supposing.  3. the act of taking to or upon oneself.  4.  the act of possession of something:  the assumption of power." - Webster's Dictionary

 The word "assumption" was not part of our language until 1250-1300 years after "the year of our Lord" (A.D.).  And so this word was not used by the Master Mind Jesus, but as we know from his instruction to "pray believing that you have" that this was an instruction to "assume possession" of the thing we desire to experience in our lives.  Assumption is also inherent in the words of the Psalmist when he declared, "the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."  This spiritual principle is the key to all answered prayer and has been demonstrated throughout history.  Inherent in Jesus' instruction is that we begin to think about what we can believe to be true for us ... and how much we are willing to accept for ourselves.  The Law of Assumption is not a "secret" or "something new" but a tried and true spiritual principle that works for everyone, everywhere and for all time.

     The Master Mind Jesus revealed the Living Spirit of G-d within him when he said, "Father, I know that you always hear me" ... and in these simple words we realize through faith that we can make this same assumption.  Ernest Holmes writes in his 1926 classic "The Science of Mind":  "Remember God is the silent Power behind all things, always ready to pour into our experience that which we need.  We must have "a receptive and positive faith in the evidence of things not seen" with the physical eye but which are eternal in the heavens.  All is Mind [Spirit], and we must provide a receptive avenue for It, as It passes out through us into the outer expression of our affairs."

      As we assume that we have the health, the happiness, the wealth and the success that we desire, we are magnetizing our faith and letting faith become the power that it is.  We read in the scriptures, "faith is the substance of things hoped for" ... and this "substance" is power, chemistry, magnetic ... as it draws to us, through our faith, all things that are necessary for our good desires to be made manifest in our life.  We must never let the idea of faith be diminished in our mind.  Faith is a power ... and when we "assume faith" ... we can assume the good that we hope for.  We assume faith consciously by recognizing that we have it and that we have all the faith necessary to activate the reality of our assumptions of good and more good.

     Many highly successful and wealthy individuals throughout American history have declared bankruptcy; Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey, and Donald Trump [or companies that bear his name].  All of these people are recognized by us as successful and other than President Lincoln, as wealthy as well as successful in achieving their goals.  But far too many of us let our seeming failures or disappointments defeat us and block us mentally and emotionally, and sometimes spiritually, from advancing forward.  Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Milton Hershey all knew that they had something to offer the world that was better than what they had offered before.  And this "assumption" was an advancing idea in their mind that caused them to act on their ideas even though they had experienced what the world would call a failure.  But, to them, it was merely a misdirection of their idea and not the idea itself that had failed.  And this can be a lesson for all of us.  So often when people lose their job or face a loss, they seek to "restore" rather than seek "more" than they had before.  When we are stopped in what we are doing, either by a bankruptcy, foreclosure or the loss of a job ... it is a sign that we must "assume more" than before.  We must assume a greater success and a greater consciousness of wealth and financial abundance.  When Jesus said, "all that the Father hath is mine" ... he looked out upon the world and saw the great abundance that G-d had made manifest for us to use and to create the "abundant life" that is ours to assume.

     From Raymond Holliwell's "Working with the Law" we can read: "Crowd out all inferior thoughts by superior thoughts, evil thoughts by good thoughts, ugly thoughts by beautiful thoughts, distressing thoughts by pleasant thoughts, and you will begin to overcome the growth of all negative and confused states of wrong and discord.  In other words, learn to think constructively of all persons, all things, all events, and all circumstances.  Appraise them from the ideal point of view.  As you do this you will gradually transform your whole existence for the better.  These are the means whereby you may steadily promote your welfare and advancement.  As you train yourself to mentally look for the good, you will move towards the good; and, as you form higher and larger conceptions of the good, these elements will begin to find expression in your words, acts, character, person, talents, powers, attainments, and achievements; that is, all things in your life will commence to improve as the direct result of your improved thinking.  This process does not imply, however, that you are to ignore the wrongs of life, the empty places, and the undeveloped states of being; but that you are to think right through and beyond them toward the hidden Good or the Principle within that is ever seeking a higher and fuller expression.  You will, therefore, cease to condemn and to criticize in a destructive manner; instead, YOU will seek to bring out the good in yourself and in others, and to discover and develop the greater possibilities everywhere."

      Raymond Holliwell's instructions call us to "assume the good, the greater and the better" no matter what has happened or is happening in our lives.  The conditions and the circumstances in which we find ourselves is a reflection of what we believe to be true for ourselves ... but just as a reflection in a mirror can change quickly, so can what we believe to be true for us.  The Law of Assumption follows our mental and emotional assumptions just as the laws of gravity follow our every physical movement.  Let us begin to assume a life that is advancing towards greater health, greater wealth, greater success, greater joy and greater love in all things that concern us ... and let us know with the Apostle that "when that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect comes to an end."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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