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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 8, 2006 

       "The mass of men [people] lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation."  - Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau wrote "Walden" in 1854, and his statement above is as true today as it was then.  So many people continue to lead lives of quiet desperation without seeking help from others.  And as Thoreau states, they are resigned to confirmed desperation ... desperate for help or a way to heal that which is within them ... but unable or unaware of the resources that are available to help them.

      In the past few weeks the news media have brought us evidence of this quiet desperation in more than a few individuals ... and all had seeming tragic outcomes.  I will present two of them in this message; the first being Charles Carl Roberts IV.  At age 32, Roberts had been carrying the memories of acts he had committed 20 years ago.  And without being able to resolve these memories in his mind he had obviously created a greater degree of shame and guilt as the years continued.  Relatives that were supposedly involved in the acts denied that they took place.  The logical conclusion is that Roberts had created the acts so clearly in his mind that they were real to him ... although not true in fact.

     Roberts was described as a quiet man by his neighbors and co-workers.  His wife described him as a wonderful father and a loving husband.  And this was the truth about him ... but it was not all that was the truth about him.  How this other truth out-pictured in the Amish community in Pennsylvania was a tragedy ... for Roberts and for so many others ... the living and those who have gone to God through his actions.  The details of what happened is not important for us to understand ... but the workings of a mind that has been corrupted by guilt, shame and perhaps paranoia is important for us to understand.  And perhaps Roberts' particular condition may appear to be extreme ... it did not begin that way, I assure you.  It is the natural expansion in mind of something that is antagonistic to the soul ... heightened self-depreciation to the point of self-hatred.

Self-depreciation can be more easily understood spiritually as self-separation.  Separating our self ... consciously and subconsciously ... from our Source, God.  Separation continually and persistently affirmed within the mind will "cause" us to self-destruct.  Self-hatred is perhaps the strongest sense of separation we can ever experience.  And this is the tragedy that grew within the mind of Roberts ... and the tragedy that spread to include the Amish schoolgirls and their families and neighbors.

    Another example of quiet desperation can be found in the news articles regarding former Representative in Congress, Mark Foley.  To merely see Mark Foley as a closeted gay man would be to misunderstand the workings of Mind.  Foley spent years repressing his homosexuality and in some people's opinions, his pedophilia.  But Foley was not just a scared, closeted gay man ... he financially supported GOP politicians who voted for legislation against gay and lesbian people ... and Foley voted along with them.  His measure of self-hatred goes way beyond typical actions of a closeted gay man ... he excelled at what he did, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the arch-enemies of gay and lesbian civil rights.  But as we understand Mind, we realize that his mind was filled with much more than this ... and that is why his mind out-pictured in the inappropriate e-mail messages to teenage male Congressional pages.  He did have a secretive gay life ... but his quiet desperation is no longer a secret.  Nothing can be healed ... until we admit that a healing is necessary and desired.

It is not necessary for us to continue to live outside of the happiness, joy and love that is inherent with Life.  But for many of us we must make a conscious decision to "heal"  the quiet desperation within our minds.  Our thoughts may not be as harsh as Roberts' or Foley's ... but we must not ignore them.  These thoughts may be about finances, relationships, health or careers ... and yes, there can be feelings of desperation about all these things ... and it is this desperation that stops us from realizing Wholeness in all of them.  In the past couple of days I wrote a treatment for Wholeness ... I invite you to read it.  It can be read at www.revbates.tv/treatment.htm ... Wholeness can be defined as feeling "wholly" fulfilled in all areas of our Life.  Wholeness is not a goal to be attained ... it is our True Nature ... to be realized, now!


And So It Is!  

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

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