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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 9, 2005)      

          (A Special Lecture given by Dr. Joseph Murphy at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, California - 1971)
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         The purpose of this book is to show man how he can satisfy the true desires of his heart without taking advantage of others.  Every man comes into the world to lead the abundant life:  "I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly."  (John 10:10)  This is a mental and spiritual universe, and what man wants can be claimed, appropriated, and accepted mentally.  Man must open his mind and heart to the realization that God who gave him the desire will also reveal to him the perfect way for its manifestation.  Man must believe in his heart, accept the reality of his idea or desire in his mind, be thankful for it, and in spite of appearances, conditions, or circumstances he must know that the Living Spirit Almighty will respond, creating his goal of health, happiness, peace, and fulfillment of his dreams in Divine Law and Order.  Man's sense of oneness with a God of love who is his heavenly Father will banish all sense of guilt and shame.

       In ancient times people sacrificed their bullocks, lambs, goats, and doves to propitiate what they superstitiously believed were the gods of wrath.  When storms came, crops were ruined, or a great drought prevailed, the people believed the gods were angry.  Their jungle priest had to give the people an answer; if he did not give the people what they believed to be a plausible answer, they killed him; therefore, the jungle priests gave answers which satisfied the superstitious imaginings of these people.

      In bygone ages, man realized that he was subject to forces over which he seemed to have no control.  The sun gave him heat, but it also scorched the earth.  The fire burned him, thunder terrified him, the water flooded his lands, and his cattle were drowned.  His idea of external power was his primitive and fundamental belief of God.  He conceived for these elements or forces of nature love or aversion, and fear and hope gave rise to the first idea of religion.  Primitive man, in his infantile reasoning with himself, perceived that when another man, stronger than he, was about to injure him, he was able to bribe him or offer him certain gifts and in other ways abase himself, thereby mollifying the other's attitude.  From this crude reasoning, he proceeded to supplicate the intelligence of the winds, the stars, and the waters, hoping that they would hear him and answer his prayers.  He proceeded to make offerings and sacrifices to the gods of the wind and the rain.

      The first men conceived the universe to be filled with innumerable gods.  Their ideas of God were divided according to the sensations of pleasure and pain, and derived solely from the forces of nature.  They divided the gods and genii into beneficent and malignant powers - hence, the universality of these two ideas in all systems of religions.

      From this brief review of the origin and cause of guilt, we will go into specific instances of guilt.

      Some months ago a mother visited me with her boy who was eight years old.  He micturated every night.  I asked him why.  The boy responded:  "I want to drown my mother."  Actually, he was drowning his mother in resentment.  In his religious training, he had learned that it is wrong to hate or resent anyone, and he felt a deep sense of guilt.  He complained about his mother, saying that when she was angry she would upbraid him:  "You little brat, you are a sinner.  You are a naughty boy.  God is going to punish you.  You are going to suffer for this."  Then the little boy added, "She never says anything to my brother."

      I had the mother change her attitude, and she ceased criticizing her son.  She told him that she loved him, cared for him, and that he was absolutely equal in her eyes with his brother.  The mother learned a simple truth that children grow in the image and likeness of the dominant mental atmosphere of the home.

     She prayed frequently as follows:  "John is God's son.  He is loving, kind, and cooperative.  He is growing in wisdom, understanding, and harmony, and I radiate love, peace, joy, and good will to him.  I picture him as radiant, joyous, and happy.  God's love fills his mind and body.  He sleeps in peace every night and wakes in joy.  God loves him and cares for him.  He is healed, made whole and perfect."

      A complete healing followed in a week's time.  Her prayers were felt subconsciously by her son, and he responded accordingly.

      A 16-year-old boy came to see me.  He was in trouble with the police, his teachers, the neighbors, and he resented his parents.  His father was cruel and tyrannical, and occasionally beat his mother.  The boy was reacting by becoming hostile, belligerent, and resentful.  His rage toward his father was suppressed and became a festering sore.  I explained to him that the reason he was opposed to authority was because he was psychologically fighting a father image.  His teachers and local policemen were symbols of authority.  I succeeded in getting the father and son together.  They aired their hostility and anger toward each other, and they realized that they were both wrong.  Father, mother, and son gathered together each night and prayed sincerely for each other's peace, harmony, joy, and understanding.  As they continued radiating love, peace, and good will to each other, the entire pattern of the home life changed, and the young boy is now getting along marvelously well in high school.  Prayer changes things.  <end>

    Next week ... part three of this marvelous lecture.  How simple life becomes when we focus on the love, peace, happiness, and harmony that is within each and every one of us.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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