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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 9, 2016

                   One of the ways in which we realize the wonderful life is to live a life unburdened with thoughts of unforgiveness.  These thoughts are not limited to the seeming wrongs done against us or the seeming wrongs that we have done against someone else ... or those things that we or others have failed to do.  These are but material effects of consciousness and can be corrected with ease in most cases for those with the wisdom of spiritual understanding.  Now, there are some that will tell us that forgiveness is about dwelling on the past and that as we seek to live in the "Now" these thoughts will pass away.  This is true to a degree, but at the point in which we are "reminded" of that which arises the necessity for forgiveness, it becomes present in our "Now" and that is the reason we need to go beyond non-effectual forgiveness.  

      Let's seek to understand these words from Phineas Parkhurst Quimby on the deepest level possible for us ... "Every man is a part of God, just so far as he is Wisdom. So I will tell you what I know, not what I believe. I said I knew I was here. I worship no God except my own and I will tell you what He teaches me. In the first place He puts no restrictions on me, in fact He is in me and just as I know myself I know Him; so that I and God are one, just as my children and I are one. So to please myself I please God and to injure myself is to injure my God. So all I have to do is to please myself. Now as God and I are one so you and I are one and to please myself is to please you and to injure myself is to injure you, so just as I measure out to you I measure out to myself. As you and I are one, you and your neighbor are one and to love your neighbor as yourself is more than all the prayers made by all the priests in the world. I know that if I do by another as I would be done by in like circumstances I feel right, for I judge no man. I do not judge of myself, for my knowledge of this
Wisdom is as plain to me as my senses."

         To realize that to forgive our neighbor as we would desire to be forgiven is to release in us that sense of "separation" that is merely a material/physical illusion.  As we realize that what is done to others is done unto our self is the beginning of a sense of self-realization that draws into our mind a deeper sense of forgiveness and empathy.  Can we forgive someone who wrongs us knowing that the greater burden of the wrong is within them?  We can realize the Master Mind Jesus' response to this question in these words, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do."  And this is the truth for everyone and every situation.  In reality we don't forgive a person but a consciousness that fails to realize the truth of what has been done.  Forgiving the person will never lift up the consciousness to resolution.  Only  a deeper self-realization within can accomplish this.  Forgiving the person merely in many cases becomes an enabling power that perpetuates the wrong-doing.

                Here is some more wisdom from Mr. Quimby for us to think about :
"Jesus wanted to introduce this science, which He called Christ. This science gave the lie to all the old opinions of Jesus' day. He had no heaven or hell out of man, no happiness or misery outside of us. His God was in Him and us, and His prayers were in Him and in us, and His life and ours was in this Christ or belief, and this belief was the law which He put in all of us. If this law could be understood, it would rid us of all the evils that are bound on mankind. It would not keep man in ignorance of himself, but would exalt him in the natural world. It would rid him of the superstition of the world, would make men worship God, not as a man who could be flattered by our hypocrisy but as a God of knowledge, as a science that gives to every man just what he learns. Those who seek Him in prayer desiring to learn His laws will be rewarded just in proportion to their labor. He asks no prayers for His good, and a prayer made up of words is all lost unless accompanied by some good to someone, and if we do good to one another our prayer is in the act."

Let us realize with just as the Master Mind Jesus did that life is Spirit and that in this Spirit we are all One; connected, intertwined, and that all our actions are like a double-thread that weaves its way through our mind, our heart and our soul.  Think about these words from Dr. Frank Richelieu's book, "The Art of Being Yourself"
and say these words to your self right now as the truth as you"I have the power of choice and I use this power to steer myself in the right direction.  I steer in the direction of my desire.  I direct my life.  I meet any problems which present themselves with the calm knowing that if I see and respond in the right manner; I shall become stronger and wiser.  I choose the path of personal responsibility and power."  

         It is our personal responsibility to develop that sense of self-realization that causes us to realize our at-one-ment with all life; people and all other species.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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