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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 10, 2004)         

        "That for which I am grateful, I can never be denied."  This statement from metaphysics speaks to the Law of Mind ... a mind filled with gratitude is a mind focused on what we want ... rather than what we do not want.  So many of us spend so much time and wasted energy on the things that we do not want ... that we forget that this focus on what we do not want ... only brings us more of what we do not want ... and when our lives are filled and our mind is consumed with what we do not want ... there is no room for that which we do want. 

     What is it that we want anyway ... that is not ours already?  Do we want more love? ... it is available for us ... but we have to be grateful for the love we already have ... and how do we show this gratitude? ... we begin to love everyone ... not just the people we like or the ones that fit our ideal of who we want to love ... but everyone.  I know some of us are going to say ... "on, I love everybody" ... well, saying it or thinking it is not enough ... the consciousness that is filled with love does not lose any opportunity to express it ... we must express the love that is within us ... if we can't express it ... we don't have it.  Do we want more money ... then we must be grateful for the money we have ... no matter how little it may appear to be ... gratitude appreciates ... it does not diminish ... if we are having difficulty being grateful for what we have?  Then we must be honest and ask that a feeling of gratitude be established in our consciousness.

       Most of us miss so many opportunities to "accept" the Good that "is ours" and that is why we end up with such seemingly little of so many things.  Our lack of gratitude denies the Omnipresence of God ... blocks the channels of supply from the Infinite.  I am one of those people who pick up pennies ... off the street ... on the floor ... everywhere ... and I always thank God for giving me the penny ... and I know that if God can give me a penny ... God can give me plenty!  And that's the feeling of gratitude that appreciates ... and gives me more ... and even more still.  If I am afraid to give ... then I am afraid to receive ... that is the way the law of sowing and reaping works ... and it works the same for everybody.  If my gratitude appreciates pennies ... everybody's gratitude appreciates pennies.  But we have to understand that all of it is flowing from One Infinite Supply ... and there is always enough to share and to spare.

         Are we tired of living paycheck to paycheck ... tired of being broke ... then we must look at our life and truly understand what it is that we are not accepting ... what it is that we are believing is not coming from Omnipresent Good, God.  We claim our Good by fostering a consciousness of  gratitude ... we cannot be grateful to a God we do not see ... if we are not grateful for the Good we do see.

       Here is a treatment unfolding the idea that Gratitude appreciates:  As I recognize God as the Infinite Source of All-Good, I realize that an attitude of gratitude must be reflected in my words and actions.  As I offer my gratitude to those who have shared their gifts with me, I know that this is an action of gratitude to God, Infinite Spirit.  I am grateful to recognize with special appreciation the clarity and wisdom of Mayor Ron Oden and Mayor Pro tem Chris Mills for their support of the Desert Cities Community Church of Religious Science's appeal for a use permit in downtown Palm Springs.  Additionally, I am grateful for the affirmative action taken by Council members Mike McCulloch and Steve Pougnet.  The Spirit of God works through the mentalities of those who allow It to, and I know that the purpose and the work of this church touched the hearts and minds of these individuals who strive for balance and clarity in their service to the City of Palm Springs and beyond.  I am grateful to this Mayor and City Council and all those who support and serve the Good of All.   

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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