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Weekly Message for Sunday, October 12, 2003

                       Prosperity is one of the most misunderstood of spiritual principles and the effects of this misunderstanding is world-wide.  I receive requests from all over the globe from people who are experiencing financial difficulties and don't know what to do.  The principle is simple ... we must always affirm that we "have" even when it appears we have not.  Our conviction that we don't have or that our finances are "limited" will demonstrate accordingly.  This conviction comes from believing in what we see rather than expanding our "vision" to see into the Infinite Invisible.  This may not appear easy but it is ... and the Master Mind Jesus even gave us a suggestion on how to do it ... He said "look up" ... and "look to the Father" ... and we know the Father, the Provider of All things, is the Infinite Invisible.  In other words, by "looking up" or beyond what the material world is suggesting to us ... we can transcend the evidence of lack and limitation and "see" our Supply in the only place that will bring it to us ... in our consciousness ... where it becomes a firmly held belief that we are supplied.  Now, the question might be asked ... do I see the money for my rent ... the money to pay my bills ... how specific do I get ... my suggestion is to "look up" and say with all the conviction that you can .. "I receive $xxxxxxxx and more to share and to spare" ... and have a "use" for the money established in our mind.  As we align ourselves with the Infinite Invisible ... we can prepare ourselves to always receive more than the moment requires ... "I will pour you out a blessing that will overflow the storehouses," it is written in scripture.

          In order to cultivate a "prosperity consciousness" it is necessary to foster and nurture prosperous ideas ... ideas of greatness and ideas that support a greater and more expanded vision for our life at all times ... we must never see the universe as unable to support us in our ideas for Good ... either financially or otherwise.  Even when our friends, family and associates try to convince us differently.

         Presidential Candidate, General Wesley Clark is a good example of this principle.  General Clark has no political background ... as a matter of fact, most people would have assumed that he was a Republican ... yet he has entered the presidential race as a Democrat ... and even though there were many who declared he would not get any real support, he has managed to move to the top of the polls and has been consistently raising the funds necessary to finance his campaign:

Clark Raises More Than $3.5M in Two Weeks
(AP) - Wesley Clark raised more than $3.5 million in the first two weeks of his presidential race, beating some of his Democratic rivals who have been campaigning for months.

           This is a major achievement and is a demonstration of his faith in his vision.  His history shows us that he is a man of great ideas and prosperous thinking.  Not only is he a general ... he is a 4-Star General.  He has worked with presidents from both political parties and is widely respected for his accomplishments.

           In Religious Science we know that the demonstration (physical effects) is a reflection of consciousness.  So, it doesn't take any great leap of faith to know that General Wesley Clark is aligning himself with a great vision ... and this vision is already established in the Infinite Invisible ... and all General Clark must do is remain steadfast and immovable in his belief that this is so ... that his idea is an idea already established ... and keep his "sight" on the end result.

         This Principle will work for everyone ... and the demonstration will be evidence of who it is that has the greatest conviction for their vision.  I am not suggesting that General Clark is unbeatable ... what I am stating without doubt is that should his consciousness continue to embody and accept the accomplishments of his vision and ideas ... then the only way he will not achieve what he sets out to achieve will be if he loses faith in his idea.  And this is no different than any of us and the ideas and visions we have for ourselves.

        In Truth, our ideas and visions are the true Prosperity that we must seek, for without vision, money and successes would be empty achievements.  A Prosperity Consciousness therefore is generous in giving ... always open to receiving ... and is filled with ideas and thoughts of achievement. 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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