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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 16, 2005)      

          (A Special Lecture given by Dr. Joseph Murphy at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, California - 1971)
[click here for Part 1) (click here for Part 2)

            The President of the United States is subject to authority.  Congress has power over him.  We have to live and adjust to authority.  Wherever we go, there is authority.  We must learn to establish control over our thoughts, feelings, and responses.  We must take charge of our own minds.  When we do take charge of this motley crew in our minds and say to them, "I am the master; I am going to order my thoughts around and tell them what to give attention to," we will be like an employer ordering his employees to execute his instructions.

           Man must take charge of his own mind and not permit others to govern it for him.  Creed, dogma, tradition, superstition, fear, and ignorance rule the mind of the average man.  The average man does not own his own mind at all.  It does not belong to him; it is oftentimes ruled over and governed by the rank superstitions of others.

           We must realize that a great sense of guilt comes from what is called conscience.  A great number of people think that the voice of conscience is that of God; it is not.  Conscience is your inner feeling and the voice of someone else; oftentimes it is the voice of ignorance, fear, superstition, falsehoods, and weird concepts of God.  I knew a boy who feared that he would be punished by God because he did not go to church on Sunday.  This is the inner voice of superstition and false belief implanted in his subconscious by his parents or teachers.  This belief on the part of the boy gave him a sense of guilt, and he felt that he must be punished.

          When you were young, you were given taboos, restrictions, homilies, and a series of "don'ts"; you were perhaps told that you were evil, a sinner, and that God would punish you.  Perhaps you were told of a lake of fire waiting for you, if you did not behave and believe in a particular creed.  The minds of children are contaminated and polluted with all kinds of strange notions and false doctrines.

          A young boy said to me:  "If I ride my bicycle without lights, I would feel that I must be punished, that I must fall because my mother said, "You will fall; you are going to be hurt; you are naughty, you are going to be punished."

          What a disastrous thing to tell a boy!  It would be so much better to tell him that he should not ride a bicycle at night without lights.  Mother and father should explain thoroughly to the boy that the instructions are for his own good, for his own self-preservation.  It is much better to tell a boy that God's love will always take care of him rather than frighten him with dreadful, hypnotic suggestions of danger.

         Children should never be told that they were born in iniquity and conceived in sin.  They should be taught that they are children of God, that God is their real Father, and that God is Love.  They should be taught also that Love cannot do anything unloving.  Of course, this is the good conscience, where the boy is taught the Golden Rule, love of others, and that honesty is the best policy.  When a boy is about to steal, there is that within him which tells him, "No, you shouldn't do that."

          The mother and father are there to teach that child the difference between the skunk and the cat, the difference between what is right and what is wrong.  The child has to go to school; he has to learn manners and be indoctrinated properly; he leans what is right, true, noble, and Godlike.  Yet how many are taught these qualities today?

          To teach children that they are born with the stain of original sin, because Adam and Eve sinned, is ecclesiastical verbiage and out of place altogether in the modern interpretation of life.  "Original sine" really means that man has forgotten his Divine origin and takes the commandments and superstitions of men for the truths of God.  Every child in the world is born into the race mind and all that his environment represents - that is also one of the meanings of original sin.

           When you learn the laws of your mind and your own divinity, you are no longer subject to the taboos, restrictions, false beliefs, and the corrupt indoctrination we received in our youth.  If you want to cleanse your children's minds, practice the Presence of God in the home; think Godlike thoughts and the home will be saturated with a lovely mood or atmosphere.  You will see the child grow in the image and likeness of the dominant mood of the home; this is the real meaning of baptism.  If you have a glass of dirty water, you may condemn, resent, and curse it indefinitely, but you will not get clean water.  However, if you continually pour clean water into the glass, you will have clean water.

         Many people are full of guilt because they failed to visit their father or mother prior to their transition to the next dimension.  Their statements are somewhat as follows:  "Oh, I mistreated my mother before she passed on"; "My husband died, and I was out all the time"; "I did not forgive my father, and how he is dead and gone."

         The Bible give you the answer and teaches you how to forgive yourself and others.  The first thing you must realize is that there is no time or space in the Mind Principle.  This very moment you can relax mentally and think of your mother whom you believe you wronged in some way.  Imagine that you are talking to her, tell her how lovely and beautiful she is and how much you love her.  Exalt her in your mind and realize the Presence of God is there and that His love, light, truth, and beauty are flowing through her; realize also that she is alive with the life of God.  Live in this imaginary scene until you get the fragrant reaction which fills your soul with joy.  Continue to dramatize this mental scene, and the reaction will come and you will feel free; your mother also will be free.  The action of God has taken place, and your mother will forget all about the incident, and so will you.  A complete healing will follow this procedure.

        If you made a recording of your talk on a tape machine, you could erase it.  In the same manner, you can erase these psychic traumas from your subconscious mind by impressing on your subconscious the spiritual truths of God.  The new vibratory tone of your thoughts erases the old negative pattern of thought in your subconscious.  <end>

Next week, Part IV of this wonderful lesson by Dr. Murphy.  I know that each and every one of us are benefiting from his great wisdom.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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