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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 17, 2004)         

        It is imperative that we cultivate and nurture a true faith and understanding of God.  Most of the people who come to me for help have little or no understanding of God.  Most come to me and ask that I pray for them to a God that is more like "man" than God ... a "Mr. Fix-it" who can wipe all their troubles away ... miraculously clear up their debts ... bring their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend back to them ... just like magic!  In this age of "instant everything" people somehow believe that God has changed with the new technologies and inventions.  Well, I am here to tell you that God Is the same today as God was in the Beginning ... no different.  The only thing that is puzzling to me is that so few people want to get to "know" God ... before they "use" God ... don't we at least read the directions on the box before we "use" our cell phones?

      The radical Rabbi Jesus told us that "You will know the Truth ... and the Truth will set you free."  Nothing can set us free unless we understand it.  I can tell you ... pray for you ... and write to you a million times that God Is always with you ... but if you don't understand the Truth of it ... it will not make a difference in your life.  If we want God to be receptive to us ... we must prepare ourselves to be receptive to God ... and yes, God can change anything instantly ... He is "The Mr. Fix-it" ... and He can wipe away our debts and restore our relationships ... but He must do it through us ... not for us ... God just does not work independently of us ... He wants us to share in the glorious and miraculous experiences!  And how do we do this?  We begin a spiritual practice of prayer and study ... we study the Bible ... prayer books ... the writings of Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy, Charles Fillmore, Eric Butterworth and those who were before them ... anything that we are "drawn" to that lifts up our spirit.  We learn about God through the experiences of others ... not the pious pimps of ridiculous man-made rules and regulations religion ... the dictators of dogma ... but the "inspired" writers of the Bible and the people who understood what they were writing about ... the modern mystics who stood out alone and agreed with Jesus and Job and Isaiah and Ruth ... and said "these things they did we can do too!"

       It is foolish to think we can take from God without giving first ... read the Bible ... everyone had to "give first" ... the Master Mind Jesus stated "give and be given to" ... we must give God our time ... our time to study ... to read ... to listen and to understand who and what created us ... who and what sustains us ... and who and what It will provide for us.  God does not do solo performances ... God always works "through" .... never "to" ... so we must stop listening to other people tell us about "their God" and learn about God ... the God that is receptive to us ... the God that is closer to us than breathing ... the only God we will ever truly know ... and that is the God within us.

      The most important BE-ING that we will ever know is God ... there is none so blind as those who think they can ignore God until they have a problem ... play stupid with God ... seek God through self-pity ... and then realize God's ever-present help in their lives ... God is not amused by our "human" devices ... we are created in the image and likeness of GREATNESS ... intelligent, spirited and powerful.  If we forgot that we were ... we need to go back to basics and learn it all over again.

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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