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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 17, 2010 

                      This week let's look at a collective issue through the words of President Obama and use this wisdom to reflect on our personal experience:  "To think clearly about race, then, requires us to see the world on a split screen - to maintain in our sights the kind of America that we want while squarely looking at America as it is, to acknowledge the sins of our past and the challenges of the present without becoming trapped in cynicism or despair.  I have witnessed a profound shift in race relations in my lifetime.  I have felt it as surely as one feels a change in the temperature.  When I hear some in the black community deny those changes, I think it not only dishonors those who struggled on our behalf but also robs us of our agency to complete the work they began.  But as much as I insist that things have gotten better, I am mindful of this truth as well:  Better isn't good enough." - Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

"But they that wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint."
- Isaiah 40:31, Holy Bible
      In the quote above, Barack Obama, now, President Obama, writes about the progress made with the issue of race in America.  But, if we take issues that are personal to us in our own experience, we can find that what he writes applies to our personal progress in transcending issues that have brought us discomfort and dis-ease just as they do a collective issue such as race.

     Often I find that people become very determined in their spiritual practice; praying, writing spiritual treatments, using affirmations, and practicing meditation or simply sitting in the silence.  However, two scenarios often happen that hinder us from completely making the demonstration that we desire to experience.  One of these scenarios, is that no seeming progress is evidenced and the enthusiasm that we initially felt when we began to work with spiritual practices diminishes and we fail to renew it.  The second of these scenarios is that things get better, that is, progress is made to the point where we find a greater comfort or success, the seeming crisis is over, and we fail to complete our spiritual work to demonstrate the fulfillment of our desire.  

       As Barack Obama did with the issue of race, we can look back in our experience and remind ourselves of the successes we have had.  Each of us have made progress and have triumphs in our lives, often many times, but sometimes we fail to remember our successes when we find our selves in uncomfortable situations.  And when we don't remember our successes, we distance ourselves from G-d in our mind and our ability to transcend the conditions we find ourselves in.

As we look to the words of Isaiah, we can see that as we identify in our mind that we can trust in G-d, and trust in what we have established in our mind ... and remind ourselves that we do ... we shall see the demonstration that makes the better, a successful completion of our desires.  But, we must not let ourselves become distracted by the better or the time it takes for the unfoldment of our good.  As Dr. Frank Richelieu writes in his book, "The Art Of Being Yourself" ... "Today, stop seeking and start realizing that the heights and dimensions of life are within you and ever await your expression."  We can say words similar to these to reinforce this in our mind, Dr. Frank writes:  "I am a fountain of Life.  Newness is constantly flowing through my experience.  Change is constantly taking place.  I do not have to seek for what I already am.  I do not have to look for that which I already have.  I flow with the continuous process of life."

Our words "I am reclaiming hope" will reveal a greater sense of knowing that our good is unfolding according to our belief and acceptance.  Our "waiting on the LORD" can be a wonderful experience as we know that we are being prepared for the Infinite to do through us that which we seek to experience more fully and completely.  As Barack Obama writes, "better isn't good enough" ... and this is absolutely true once we have become aware of that which is beyond better.  The Spirit within us is always seeking to express Itself in greater ways through us and being satisfied means having the fulfillment of our desires ... the desires of our Higher Self, fully realized in our experience.

Whatever it is that we may be praying for, affirming, or waiting for in the silence of our mind, we can be confident that as we keep our mind stayed on these things with a purposeful faith and determination, the Infinite "is" responding to us in Divine Love and Law.  Let us daily remind ourselves that "G-d Is" ... and this means that "Good Is" ... and our prayers are being responded to.  Let us not question our faith in G-d or G-d's faith in our ability to embody the consciousness for the Spirit to make the gift through us.  Whatever desire we have, or idea that we have accepted for ourselves, we can remind ourselves that this desire or idea was given to us through the Mind of G-d, moving with precise Intelligence through our mind.

     Consider the words of the Master Mind Jesus from Luke 11:9-10
"So I tell you to ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you.  Everyone who asks will receive, everyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened for everyone who knocks."  We know that our asking is done in our mind, as well as our seeking and knocking ... and these things are responded to in the Mind of G-d.  Let us not hesitate to be actively reclaiming hope every day as we keep faith with the Presence, Power and Intelligence of the Infinite as It responds to us ... making even the best, better!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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