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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, October 20, 2013 

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             "Do you sometimes pray, "O God, pour out Yourself upon me"?  If you do, your picturization of the experience must be that of God immediately above you, pouring down His essence on you.  Such an experience as that never has occurred in the life of anyone.  It will not occur for you.  The positions are wrong.  It is true that God is above you; He also is beneath you and around you.  But from none of these points does He pour out Himself for you.  Whatever of Himself God pours for you is poured out in you and through you, outward.  Your vital contact with Him comes from your touching His inner presence.  Within, He pours out Himself as you, spiritually; through you, mentally; sustaining you, physically.  Not the life in the orchard but the life in the individual tree produces the fruit of the tree.  When you know where you contact God you are in relation to Him that enables you to receive His outpouring of Himself.  Then He releases Himself in you, and you are blessed in every way." - Imelda Octavia Shanklin, What Are You? [1929]

       In these words from Imelda Shanklin most of us will learn something that is new for us and for others, we shall find that the words she uses to describe this aspect of our relationship to G-d as different than it has been explained before.  How does G-d Intelligence Spirit and Power work from within us?  This is why I appreciated her simple illustration regarding the orchard and the individual tree.  Intellectually it rings as true, but still it is a mystery that perhaps we will only ever be able to discover a sense of it and no more.  It is those aspects of G-d that are mysterious or unknown to us that makes the demand on us to be more conscious of our relationship with G-d.  We all have a relationship with Life, with Love, with Truth, with Intelligence, with Spirit, with Soul and with Principle ... and all these are aspects of G-d.  In what other way can we describe Something so infinite, so mysterious, and yet so personal to each and every one of us?  There are those who will say Source, Mind, Cause, Almighty ... but these are only synonyms for the word G-d ... it is an attempt to define that Something that is so infinite in Power, Spirit and Intelligence that our human mind can never fully grasp It.

     Ms. Shanklin gives us some profound advice, and beneficial if we have "ears to hear" ...
"Do not let yourself be abashed by the statement that you can become conscious of God in you, doing His perfect work.  Do not become over-emboldened by it.  Be sensible, confident, modest.  The spring flows increasingly for you when you enlarge the outlet.  Make no comparisons between your life and the lives of others.  Let God's mind think you.  Let God's life live you.  When your thought dwells on the mighty works of those who have known how to let God express, say, "Since God has done this thing in another, He will do it in me when my receptiveness to Him matches the receptiveness of the one in whom He has already done this work."  Do not measure your life by the life of another; steady your thoughts in the consciousness that all that God requires of you is to be passive to Him.  Think not of the agency, but of the crowning manifestation of God, wherever and whenever it occurred; say, "Since God has done this work in one He will do greater works in me when my receptiveness to Him surpasses the receptiveness of the one in whom He has done this work." ... You are the creator of your own consciousness."  

     As we convince ourselves that we can have what it is that we desire to have we may find a harsh argument against us within our own thoughts and ideas about life.  Ms. Shanklin gives us the best possible direction when she instructs us not to compare ourselves with anyone else.  Comparisons contain a certainty to stagnate our prayers and our good desires.  When our mind becomes congested with thoughts that take us away from a dependence on our own consciousness nothing moves or expands or increases.  The Spirit cannot work through comparisons or thoughts of competition as we are drawing into our mind in all these things not just ourselves but someone else too.  Our mind must be free and our thoughts must remain on the good that we seek to achieve for the Spirit to express these things through us ... through our own consciousness.  How can I see myself as demonstrating the good results I pray for when my thoughts are intermingled with thoughts of competition and comparisons?  We cannot.  We shall be creating divisiveness and it will validate in our life experiences in some way.

      Let's look at these words from Ms. Shanklin: 
"Do you pray that you may be prospered in order that you may give to others?  If you do, change your prayer; pray that others may be prospered.  The only way in which you can duplicate God in the matter of giving is by giving of what you already have. ... In practical ways, you will find that sharing and expectancy are the beginnings of financial increase."  When we share what we have expecting supply to continue, our prosperity will begin.  And from Ms. Shanklin:  "Supply comes from the expected source in the expected way."  And, "Supply comes from unexpected sources, in unexpected ways."  We must firmly establish both these truths in our consciousness by telling ourselves that this is our truth today and always.

      For those who think that their prayers are not answered, I assure you they are.  Perhaps the evidence has not been revealed yet, but it will.  We are all experiencing what we believe to be true about ourselves and others.  We are all experiencing what we give to others and the way in which we give it.  We are all experiencing what we withhold from others and the way in which we withhold it.  These are universal, changeless laws of the Spirit and that Spirit is within you and me and these laws express through us.  Whether we believe this to be true or not depends on our awareness of the evidence that is revealed to us in our life experiences.  Our life is to be filled with joy.  The joy of giving and the joy of receiving even more to give.  All that we are willing to give becomes available to us if we just begin to realize that we are here to duplicate G-d as livingness, forgivingness and givingness ... we are here to be blessed, to be prospered and to reveal the good life, the abundant life and the wonderful life that is ours to experience.  

Lastly, from Emmet Fox, "If your prayers are not being answered there must be something wrong.  The universe is governed by law, and there is no such thing as a broken law.  Jesus himself did not break the Law of Being when he performed his miracles; he could not, and he would not have wished to.  He fulfilled the law when he p
rayed.  When your prayers are not answered it must be because you have not fulfilled the conditions of the law, and, ninety-nine times in a hundred, it is because you are lacking in a sense of love for all.  It is a cosmic law that Love heals and that fear and condemnation damage and destroy.  Treat yourself for Love every day and watch your thoughts, and watch your tongue, and watch your deeds, that nothing contrary to Love finds expression there."

Tell yourself these things:  "My consciousness is my life.  In God I live, move, and have my being.  In me God lives, moves, and has expression."  Foster these words in your mind each day, sit silently in the presence of the Intelligence that clothed your spirit in human form, and the power of faith in your prayers shall give you dominion and authority over all things that concern you, guaranteed. 


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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