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Affirmative Prayer

Frank E. Richelieu
"The Art Of Being Yourself" 


The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 22, 2017


             "Pray without ceasing" we read in the ancient wisdom and so we have learned to realize that this instruction is telling us to keep not only our words but our thoughts as well in affirmation of the good, the wonderful and the positive.  This is spiritual law in its most simplistic and most profound.  Several years ago Dr. Harry Morgan Moses wrote a book titled "It's So Easy" subtitled "When You Know How."  I checked his book recently on Amazon and it had no reviews and was selling in paperback for $1.99 which is unfortunate.  Too many people just don't want to accept that "it's so easy" but instead continue to battle with the duality of consciousness that believes that it is not.

             At one time, I taught an English as a Second Language course for people whose native language was Spanish.  The students were diverse in their level of education attainment and also in their belief that they could achieve success in the classes.  At the top of the bulletin board I wrote "It's So Easy" and we began each class by affirming this as the truth for all of us.  It was a highly successful endeavor and produced several outstanding students.  These simple words created a displacement of worry and anxiety and opened the student's mind to ease and success.

            This is a method that we can successfully use in our prayer life.  We can tell ourselves that "it's so easy" when we turn to the Intelligence, Power and Spirit that responds to us and we loose the worries that we have learned from the world.  The good life, the wonderful life and the prosperous life are available to each of us.  We can learn how to draw these into our life experience.   

      "Today I am going to talk about how you can realize true prosperity. But first, you must know that Spirit is your Silent Partner … a wise and loving Presence ever ready to respond to you. The purpose of prayer and faith is to seek conscious union with this indwelling Presence. Always your prayer will be as effective as your faith.
        There is a Law of Mind that responds to your faith. You need have no anxious thought concerning the operation of this Law, for it will always respond. This is why Jesus said that it is done unto you as you believe. If you would pray and prosper you must believe that the Spirit is both willing and able to make that gift.
          But since the Spirit can only give you what you take, and since this taking is a mental act, you must train your mind to believe and accept. This is the secret power of prayer.
         Prayer ties you to a power that is able, ready and willing to fulfill every legitimate desire; to bring every good thing to you; to do for you even more abundantly than you have expected. “Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”
        The Spirit can only give you what you take; and since this taking is an act of consciousness, you must be actively aware of the presence of your desire. You must know that the gift is made even before you see it. You must receive the gift." — Excerpted from “Pray and Prosper” by Dr. Ernest Holmes

                “I was not born to be average and neither were you.” Harry Morgan Moses ...  let us keep this in our mind and remind ourselves that "it's so easy" as we pray and prosper abundantly.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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