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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (October 23, 2005)      

           (A Special Lecture given by Dr. Joseph Murphy at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, California - 1971)
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          A man said to me recently, "My conscience is my guide."  He was writing vitriolic articles attacking a certain religious group.  I explained to him the working of his deeper mind.  He realized that his biases, hatreds, and superstitious patterns were planted in his subconscious mind when he was young and that his mental conditioning was the reason for his resentment, hostility, and antagonism toward other religious groups.
           Many people have become victims of ruthless superstition and ignorant biases.  Following the voice of conscience has ruined the lives of many people.  One man I knew said, "I hear a voice inside me urging me to kill my mother-in-law."  The voice he heard was real enough, like the voices and scenes you hear in your dreams.  The subconscious mind is always dramatizing the impressions we make upon it.  It is our Book of Life which keeps a record of all our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  I explained to him that his constant hatred and resentment of his mother-in-law was murder in his own heart and that his evil and destructive thoughts were constantly sinking down into his mind and would eventually saturate the subconscious with the idea of murder.  The subconscious acts by reacting, and the law of the subconscious is one of compulsion; therefore, he would eventually commit the murder.  The voices he heard were those of his own subconscious talking back to him.  My explanation was the cure.  He blessed and prayed for his mother-in-law; they became good friends, and she calls him "my son."
            Those who put thousands of Protestants to death in the days of the Spanish Inquisition did so in the name of conscience.  This conscience represented religious hatred and bigotry.  Scholars and archaeologists have definite evidence that parents in ancient Babylon stoned children to death because of some minor infraction of certain laws and rules which they promulgated.
             Many people walking the streets today are victims of neurotic conscience.  The patterns of conscience vary with different religions, racial and social influences.  You must learn to differentiate between what you call conscience and the voice of God.  God always speaks in peace and never in confusion.  The voice of God is always constructive, harmonious, and peaceful.  The voice and intimations of the Divine are always life-ward, tending toward the life more abundant.  Whenever you have an urge to go against the laws of life such as the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, or Paul's Epistle in the 13th chapter of Corinthians, you know very well it cannot be the voice of Truth or God.
              A young girl came to me stating that she had to wash her hands about 100 times a day and that she was always afraid of some infection.  This girl was a Catholic and her husband was of the Jewish faith.  They were quite happy together until she began receiving letters from her mother that she had done great evil and added religious threats plus moral condemnation.  I explained to the girl that Love knows no creed, race, or sectarian group.  Love transcends all creeds.  Furthermore, she realized that no one could break up her marriage when Love reigned supreme.  She learned to laugh at herself for being so upset.  She understood why her mother was brainwashed with religious taboos, prejudices, and strictures of all kinds, and that she was writing from the standpoint of superstition, bias, and ignorance, and not from the standpoint of God or Truth.  In God there is no Greek or Jew, no bond or free, no Catholic or Protestant, Hindu or atheist.  God has no religion and knows nothing about creeds, dogmas, and man-made opinions.  This young lady learned to pray and imagined that she had a letter from her mother which was full of love, kindness, and good will.
             I told her the story of Orage, a disciple of P. D. Ouspensky, who taught his students as follows:  "Compose a letter written as from our friend to yourself which would completely satisfy you if you received it.  Put into exact words what you would like your friend to write or say to you."
              Every night she would embrace her mother in her imagination and radiate love, peace, an joy to her; then she would read the imaginary letter from her mother which filled her soul with joy.  She continued to do this for about three weeks every night, and at the end of that time, she received a letter from her mother apologizing for her previous letters and containing almost the exact words which she had been picturing, feeling and rejoicing each night.
             In many parts of the world men have several wives; this is their religious custom or tradition.  Our Bible teaches that love is an at-one-ment or a union of two souls seeking their way back to the heart of reality.  If an American or Englishman had several wives, his conscience might destroy him because of his sense of guilt.  A woman in this country would not want to be one of several wives; she would feel guilty and probably get seriously ill mentally and physically.
             "Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.  For laying aside the commandments of God, ye hold the traditions of men ..."
              In these few verses tersely put, we have the answer to the guilt complexes of millions of supposedly religious and intelligent people.  Do the dead thoughts and doctrinal wrappings and trappings of your parents and grandparents rule and govern you, or are you controlled by God and His spiritual truths?  Learn the great Law of Life.  God is Life, and this Life seeks expression through you as beauty, harmony, joy, love, order, rhythm, and abundance.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  Infinite Intelligence will lead and guide you in all your ways when you turn to It and call upon It.
               The morals of the people vary throughout the world and are of a geographical nature.  These are based on the mores and traditional concepts of the particular country or race.  The moral standards of the various cultures are true only when they conform to the Principle of Life which is forever seeking to express Itself through us as harmony, health, peace, joy, symmetry, and the life more abundant.
               It is the voice of conscience which caused the people 2,000 years ago to say to Jesus that he should not heal on the Sabbath.  These thoughts, traditional beliefs are contrary to the laws of life and are definitely evil and destructive.  Do you say to your children:  "Your parents have the only truth for you; you must believe what we say; you must never think for your self; you must accept our dogma?"  This is disastrous, utterly dictatorial and a totalitarian attitude.  It may well be the case that everything you are teaching them is a lie, and they will grow up so conditioned that when they violate any of these foolish and grotesque taboos which you gave them, they will have guilt complexes and be seized with fear, and then proceed to punish themselves.
             There are women and men who live in hatred of one another and who are hopelessly incompatible because they are afraid to get a divorce due to religious beliefs.  They are full of guilt and believe that God should punish them.  They are victims of early training and superstitious dogma implanted in their minds by the bigoted propensities of parents and others.  They would rather live the lie than have the decency to break up the lie.  They say, "Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."  God is Love, and if Love does not unite the two hearts of the man and the woman, the marriage is a mockery, a farce, a sham, and a masquerade.
             Many people are full of guilt because they accept as right that which is actually wrong.  God condemns no one.  God has already forgiven you.  Forgive your self.  Change your thought and keep it changed.  Think on whatsoever things are true, just, noble, and of good report.  Think from the standpoint of the Golden Rule and the Law of Love.  Would you think of disobeying the principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering?  Would you build a wheel off center?  Are you believing in antiquated, dead, grotesque, ignorant superstitions and prejudices in the name of religious beliefs, or have you made a serious inquiry into the workings of your subconscious and conscious mind?  The modern scientist has to conform to natural law; he cannot change it.  Your religion must also conform to natural law.  The result is con-science, with knowing.  The Law of Life is the law of health, happiness, peace, order, beauty, right action, and abundance.  Divine Order is Heaven's first law.
             "Remember you not the former things, neither consider things of old."  (Isaiah 43:18)
              "Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, press toward the mark for the prize." (Philippians 3:12-14)  "And enter into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. <end>

And this completes this expanded essay written by Dr. Murphy.  Parts 1, 2 and 3, can be found on the Archives page.  Dr. Murphy was radical for his time ... but then so was the Master Mind Jesus ... and we must radically change our thinking so that we can put the nonsense behind us ... and expect the best!

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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