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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 23, 2011 

            "It is only when we let go of all human will, and recognize the pure essence of the Spiritual Principle incarnated in us, that thought rises above a belief in duality.  We should constantly vitalize our faith by the knowledge that the Eternal is incarnated in us; that God Himself goes forth anew into creation through each one of us; and that in such degree as we speak the Truth, the Almighty has spoken. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

             Deuteronomy 8:18"You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth ..."
- The Holy Bible [KJV]

The radical Jesus said "be in the world but not of the world" and the most self-defeating belief "in the world" that we must transcend in our mind, is the belief in duality.  And, it is indeed sad but true that duality is fostered and sustained in the collective consciousness.  This is both conscious and unconscious hate and separation from the goodness and love of the Divine.  I am being purposefully repetitive here when I say that religion, politics and the Media all sustain the evil of hate in our world.  The "divisiveness" of the collective consciousness fostered in large part by religion, politics and the Media, has pitted us against each other and obstructed solutions to the problems that we face that will benefit everyone.  When "divisiveness" becomes the "sum-total" of our collective thought, we see evidence of misery in our world.

     The good thing about the "duality" that confronts us from religion, politics and the Media, is that most of it is so blatant, that it is easily rejected in our mind, if we choose to do so.  In an OP-ED piece in the New York Times, Maureen Dowd writes about a visit to Saudi Arabia when she was detained by the "religious police" because the "outline of her body" was revealed through her clothing.  The religious police planned to "lash" her, if not "behead" her for this transgression against their religious dogma.  Fortunately for Maureen, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, talked them out of it.  Here in the United States evangelical Christians are supporting republican candidates for President who want to legislate their religious dogma to restrict the freedom of Americans; access to birth control, separation of church and state and same-sex marriage.  It is easy to see how, in contrast, these actions of the religious may not seem comparable.  But based on the differences in culture between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the difference in the belief in duality is only by degree.  Once religious zealots gain power to legislate their dogma, which is almost always based on duality, the expansion of this power could diminish the freedom of everyone.

     Jesus was not only highly enlightened, but also highly intelligent.  What he was teaching was not only profound, but profoundly intelligent.  Although Jesus understood that the people he was teaching held a strong belief in duality, it did not prevent him from attempting to "lift them up to a higher level" of consciousness.  His simple statement to "love one another" could effect profound changes in our world for the better, if it became the sum-total of our thoughts and beliefs and guided our words and actions accordingly.  To "love one another" is the antithesis of duality and all the judgments that are derived from it.  Jesus understood that to "love one another" would force us to be more patient and kind, and in turn have greater patience and kindness inwardly for ourselves.  Duality can create self-righteousness and in so doing, cause a sense of superiority that is ruled by the ego, not by the love of G-d and the good for all.

     In his book, "Christian Victory Instruction", W. Frederic Keeler writes that when we have a problem with supply, or lack, it is because we have let our mind accept "confusion, doubt, struggle, quarrel with self, and a feeling of always being abused" become predominate in our mind.  Yet, as we turn from these things and "choose" to establish in our mind; "peace regarding the need; faith in the universe; abundance, God the source; a positive choosing a definite thing asked for; gratitude, acceptance,  and love" ... we shall find all our needs will be met with grace and ease because as we establish Truth in our consciousness, we transcend the things of duality ... that is, the things that we have accepted in our mind that obstruct our supply or financial ease.  This is true for everyone, for Truth knows no opposition.

          Dr. Holmes writes in "This Thing Called Life":  "Man is made up of the sum-total of his conscious and subconscious thoughts, plus what he inherits from his ancestors and from race [collective] thought, plus (and this is important) a spiritual inwardness.  Our trouble is not derived from Life Itself, but from the use we have made of It.  Life exists in Its fullness at the center of our being.  If it were never blocked, It would always flow through us as life, love, harmony, happiness and success."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi