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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 23, 2016

                   Recently I read one of the letters to one of the "Advice Columnists" from a woman who had lived a frugal life with her parents and had developed a philosophy that a frugal life represented a way to balance the inequities in the world.  In other words she and her family believed that by being frugal and avoiding luxury they were avoiding making others perceive them as selfish.  Now this woman went on to write that she was engaged to be married and that her future husband did not share her family's value of frugality.  He wanted a large home with all the comforts that a larger home afforded.  This was so disturbing to the woman that she was considering calling off the wedding.  Now the "Advice Columnist" advised her to speak with her minister or someone in her church about this and perhaps this would help her make the right decision for her.  The "Advice Columnist" did not address the woman's resistance to experiencing a more prosperous life although she did advise her in how she could use the bigger home and comforts to share with others.  Beyond the surface of this woman's issue was a misunderstanding of what she wanted "unconsciously" as she would not have attracted to herself someone who could provide for her, and willing to do so, a life with greater luxury if she did not truly desire this.  The pattern set in her mind by her family was frugal living but at some level we all realize that living with less or lack or doing without is an experience that does not create a great deal of joy or enthusiasm for life.  

               Many people find it difficult to realize what they truly want because they never go beyond the "conscious" to the "unconscious" of their mind and spirit.  This takes time and it takes persistence and much self-examination.  Many times like the woman who wrote to the Advice Columnist we are living to other people's ideas about life and they have become so habitually fastened in our mind that we resist those things that offer us a better life and a more abundant life.  And for some of us we are not willing to "own up" to what we truly want because it is so different than what we are used to or what those around us expect from us.  And then there are those who have taken the word "selfish" and have made it into a sin or a mantra of judgment.  Those who don't get what they truly want rarely if ever are pleasant people to be around.  There is always that inner-tension or stress that is being reflected unconsciously from them.  And this inner tension will continue until we come to terms with what we really want.  And once we do realize what it is then we must work in mind to find the way of "getting to" having it, being it or doing it.    

The American mystic Ernest Holmes gives some direction in getting to what we really want in these words of wisdom:
"We generally seem to resist change, even that which is better for us. We also appear to resist being what we really are. We need to learn carefully and surely to permit ourselves to accept the fuller expression of the Mind that is within us. Against this there must be no resistance. For in Its creative flow through us rests our entire future—the greater person we may be and the richer life we desire to enjoy.
         When we establish within our thought a nonresistance to that Power which is greater than we are, we are at the same time accepting within ourselves a stability that is the stability of the universe. We find ourselves secure, for we know that we are part of That which causes change but is never affected by any of the changes. As we gradually attain this sense of security, we will find that we view the changes occurring about us in a proper perspective. We will have stopped letting ourselves be blown about like straws in the wind or tossed helplessly about in a turbulent sea whose waves are doubt and fear and anxiety.

As we become more conscious of what makes us feel good; happy, joyful, enthusiastic and hopeful, these things will guide us to the realization of what it is that we really want and then as we open our mind to the Love and Law of G-d we shall find our way of experiencing these things.  


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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