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Archived Messages -Weekly Message for Sunday, October 26, 2003

         Aaron '04

                        Everybody wants to win at something ... to achieve success in their lives.  To demonstrate a win, or success, through spiritual principles, we first begin by identifying with "winners" .. or with those who have successfully achieved their goals.  This past week I watched the final playoff game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  Both teams have some of the best baseball players in the world today, and both teams played very well ... they played to win ... and even though the Boston Red Sox did not win the game ... to come in second in a league filled with outstanding baseball teams and players is a great achievement.  Success is born of spiritual energy ... energy that is maintained and sustained in the consciousness of a "winner."  You can see this energy in the face of Aaron Boone of the NY Yankees baseball team.  When he stepped up to bat you knew something was about to happen ... and it did ... he hit a home run ... winning the game for his team and moving them into the World Series.  After Aaron hit the home run everyone watching was affected by it ... even those who wanted Boston to win ... still felt the energy of the "win" executed by Aaron as the ball landed into the stands.

       Each of us want to "win" at something ... whether it is winning a promotion in our work, winning the heart of the one we love, or winning a trophy or prize.  Winning is at the heart of us ... and in winning we set the pace for everyone around us to be inspired and encouraged to "win" at whatever it is that  they desire to accomplish.  This "winning spirit" is actually God, or Infinite Spirit, dwelling within us.  When we envy the success of others or resent the successes of others, we declare within our consciousness that winning or success is separate and apart from us.  When we share in their success by congratulating them or seeing their success or win as an example of what we all can do ... then we accept winning or success in our consciousness and the ideas for success or winning ... will become ours too.  We must always keep in mind that the Infinite Good is One ... and if we accept that we are One with It, then we cannot fail ... for their is no failure in Infinite Good ... even in the midst of what may appear as failure or loss ... Good is Present.

               As the World Series games continue even Aaron Boone has experienced a few "misses" along the way ... but we can know that the Game of Life will always offer us opportunities to express our winning attitude ... as long as we are willing to play with enthusiasm.  It is this conviction to "play to win" that creates for us a greater passion and zest for Life ... and for the Good that is awaiting our acceptance. 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Hank                         

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