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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 26,  2014

           "I accept the great Truth that God, the Almighty has implanted a genius within my soul. It is readily available as any thought I have, so I now claim that I am a Genius, implanted by God! I consciously use that ability to create a wonderful day and life for me, first, and then pass that Creative Energy to the rest of the world, to bring joy, happiness, good health, and great wealth to every one on this planet and out into the Universe. We are all wealthy, healthy, and full of great joy, because the God-Self is implanted in every one of us. THAT is our genius. I direct the Creative Energy to reveal Itself to all people so we are conscious of our genius and use it consciously for all good, for all people! AND we rejoice in using the benefits of our Genius!"  - Reverend Ruth Wilkerson

       When I first read this wonderful affirmation written by Reverend Ruth Wilkerson it caused me to pause and wonder how so many of our lives would be different if we could discover this "genius" within us.  The Master Mind Jesus directed us to discover it just as he did. But the masses of people still cannot believe his simple words, "the kingdom of G-d is within you, no
lo here or lo there."  And so we accept within our mind that some people have genius within them but most of us don't.  Yet, this is a false idea perpetuated by the collective consciousness that still believes in separation from the Intelligence, Power and Spirit of our Creator.  

       We are all familiar with the statement, "what one can do all can do" ... and Jesus' statement, "these things I do and greater things still can you do."  However, for so many of us we lose sight of these truths as we accept that which we have learned from the world.  Few of us are told from infancy that we have genius within us.  Or, that G-d has incarnated within us the ability to draw from infinite Intelligence, Power and Spirit and use the faculties of our mind to do so.  We have been told that G-d will provide for us, but this is a half-truth that gets us mostly nowhere.  The Master Mind Jesus instructed us to "ask and you shall receive" ... but few of us have learned that in the language of Jesus, Aramaic, "ask" means to "claim" ... and claim means to take that which is ours.  And we take that which is ours in the realization that "all that the Father (Spirit, Intelligence, Power) hath is mine."  This Spirit, Intelligence and Power is within us to the degree that we can accept it.  It is the Christ within us ... that part of the Great UnSeen that is always seeking to express Itself through us.

"Think what a muddle we have made of life by looking outside to friends and relatives, husbands and wives, communities, governments and nations, expecting something from them when all this time the vine, "I" within you, your divine sonship (part of G-d), is there for the specific purpose of giving you life, and life more abundantly.
         In every case of seeming need, we learn to turn within to the Christ, the invisible Presence, realizing that Its function is to give us abundant life.  It, drawing upon the Father, fulfills us with everything necessary.  Just as a law of nature draws into the tree from the surrounding earth all that is necessary for the tree's development, so does the Christ (G-d within) draw unto us, from the godhead, all that is necessary for our fulfillment.
         That is the first, but the least part of our demonstration.  Now comes the really important part when we bring this Christ-truth into vital aliveness, manifestation, and expression.  We have been receiving this truth of our sonship, of the omnipresence of God and all good, and we are filled with it.  Now the time has come when we must begin spending it, using it, and expressing it.
"  - Joel Goldsmith, Living The Infinite Way

We all have this "kingdom of G-d within" us.  It has been known and realized by people throughout history.  Through our willingness to sit in the silence on a consistent daily basis and our willingness to surrender the false truths and the half truths we have learned from the world, we shall realize soon enough the confidence to discern what is truth and what is not.  And as we let our mind accept a higher truth about our own personal self, we shall find that the freedom to choose and receive our good is realized with grace and ease.  This we can do for we all have "genius" within us waiting to be revealed as us.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes

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