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Weekly Message for Sunday, October 27, 2002

"Life Is Good, All the Time" ........ but for many of us we have had experiences that seem so unlike Good that this statement appears more like a dream than a reality.  The reason for this is simple.  It lies in our definition of "Good."  Most of us think that "Good" means that everything is going along rosy and wonderful.... successful career, loving companionship, excellent health and plenty of money.  All these are fine and good .... but they don't always lead us to our higher Good .... sometimes the road that takes us the farthest in Life ... is rife with challenges, struggles, lack and limitation.   Does this mean that "Good" is absent .... not at all.

             "Good" Is Omnipresent .... for God Is Omnipresent .... there is not God and something else ... there is only God .... All God .... All the Time.  That which appears to be something less-than-God, is in reality, most often that which is necessary for us to experience in order to realize a greater Good than ever before.

             Most of us are familiar with the ministry of Jesus ... so I will use Him as an example.  Those who showed-up to listen to Jesus .. to take the time to sit in His audience ... were looking for the "loaves and fishes."  In other words, they were looking for more than they had.  "Loaves and fishes" can symbolize greater health, wealth, happiness, love and peace of mind.  We who seek God usually do so because we are lacking something in our life.  Now, I don't mean those of us who attend church ... too many who attend church do so for many reasons that have nothing to do with any real spiritual seeking.  I mean those of us who truly seek that "invisible something" that we hope will give us a greater sense of life as being more than just perfunctory habits and patterns.  

           And then there are those of us who are on the "edge" .... experiencing serious illness .... living in financial chaos .... confused about whether life truly holds any meaning at all ... and those of us who have not found what we are looking for anywhere else....... we all turn to God in a serious way.  And often ..... too often ... we are met with disenchantment .... those we turn to have no more answers than we have ... and often ... too often ... those we seek help from treat us with arrogance and superiority .... in other words ... their lives are in even a sadder state of affairs than ours!  Many of us, at this point, feel almost past the point of rescue and give up completely or feel totally disillusioned and "fall" into the trap of turning our problems into life-long endurance tests ..... never healing anything ... but thinking we are understanding why it is all happening.  This is sad but true.  So often, we end up trading healing for companionship with "like-minded" individuals ..... we are "rescued" by people we can trade our misery stories with and end up with repetitive conversations that go like this; "I'm hanging in there" or "I'm working on me."   Most of those who are "hanging in there" or "working on me" continue to read book after book and take class after class with absolutely no changes in their life....... why ... because in order to "be healed" we must "bury" our old-self, our old habits, our old tendencies of thought and our old beliefs and assumptions .... as the Master Mind Jesus stated .. "you cannot pour new wine into old wine skins."  In other words, a consciousness filled with the "old" has no room to "let" new ideas, concepts and beliefs thrive in freedom.... therefore the "new" cannot be manifested.

           In order to realize greater happiness, joy, love, peace, wealth and health ..... we must "cooperate with the Universe" and quit telling God something or anything is not-Good .. and allow the experiences to lead us and guide us to our Good ... our Healing.... we are "healed" of our lack, limitations, illnesses, financial woes, failures, loneliness and confusion by "knowing" that It Is All Good .... even that which takes us past the point of rescue .... for God ... the Eternal Good .... Is Always Present! 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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