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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, October 27, 2013 

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            Emerson tells us that G-d Is Love and Love Is G-d, and from the Master Mind Jesus we have the instruction to "love one another."  Yet, because we live in a world where too often we see or hear of people doing horrible and negative things that are beyond our understanding, for us to have any real sense of loving them can be challenging at best.

         As part of the lesson for my on-line class last week I used some words from Emmet Fox (also included in last week's Weekly Message).  He wrote:  "If your prayers are not being answered there must be something wrong.  The universe is governed by law, and there is no such thing as a broken law.  Jesus himself did not break the Law of Being when he performed his miracles; he could not, and he would not have wished to.  He fulfilled the law when he prayed.  When your prayers are not answered it must be because you have not fulfilled the conditions of the law, and, ninety-nine times in a hundred, it is because you are lacking in a sense of love for all.  It is a cosmic law that Love heals and that fear and condemnation damage and destroy.  Treat yourself for Love every day and watch your thoughts, and watch your tongue, and watch your deeds, that nothing contrary to Love finds expression there."

       Fox's words are very direct and the "99 times out of a hundred" statement is strong, to which one of my students wrote:  "I do believe that a sense of G-d's love is important. I don't know that it is 99 times out of 100 the cause of unanswered prayer, but I do know that the Bible teaches that G-d is love and that without love we are likened to clanging symbols which means we are just a bunch of noise I guess and not really living truthfully. I'm not sure I love enough or really understand G-d's love but I would agree it is important and I too would like to experience a sense of G-d's love. For now I will just have to take it by faith that G-d does love me.  That leads me to where he suggests seeing G-d's Presence where there is a problem. I find that if I do this daily before arising I can do it more easily throughout the day."  I appreciated these words because I do believe for many people there is an uncertainty regarding the love that is required of us.  And, I don't believe Jesus thought for a minute that his instruction to "love one another" would cause everyone to cease the noise and the nonsense and foster love for one another.  What I do believe is that he set this as an "ideal" for all of us to strive for and as we do so in a greater measure, we shall see the good results of our expressing more of the "likeness" of G-d's Love.

The other words in my student's comments that got my attention were:  "I am not sure I love enough or really understand G-d's love ..." and this, I believe is true for many people.  To think love is to create love.  Since the Christ (part of G-d) dwells in all of us, love is the most natural of thoughts that we can think and the most powerful.  And this thinking love can create wonderful effects in situations that we may never have thought about before.  Standing in a line to the grocery check out or waiting for a table in a restaurant, if we consciously turn our thoughts to loving everyone around us, including ourselves, we shall find something pleasant will be experienced.  Perhaps the experience will be subtle but it shall come to our awareness that something shifted in our thoughts while we were waiting.  These "moments" of consciously thinking love can create a powerful feeling of confidence and peace within the one who consistently chooses to experience them.

    The mystical Ernest Holmes realized that "Love points the way and Law makes the way possible."  Love is impersonal as G-d is impersonal.  It is up to us to make it personal just as it is up to us to make the Law of G-d personal.  We can read in the science of mind: 
"The essence of love, while elusive, pervades everything, fires the heart, stimulates the emotions, renews the soul and proclaims the Spirit.  Only love knows love, and love knows only love.  Words cannot express the depths of its meaning.  A universal sense alone bears witness to the divine fact:  God is Love and Love is God."  When we "think love" we are recognizing that which already "IS" ... and in recognizing Love, we are recognizing G-d ... which always reveals the good in due time. 

     Those who seek greater health, happiness, success and prosperity are wise to consider "thinking love" at every opportunity.  Whatever anyone is doing at any moment in time cannot disturb our own thought of love when we think from the point of the Spirit within us.  We observe and remind our self of G-d's unconditional Love for ALL. We don't let our mind create a judgment of right or wrong, good or evil, we observe with the unconditional Love of G-d in our mind.  We realize that our human thought is rife with limitation and leave all things with G-d.  We think love.  And we leave all things and everyone to be what they are to be.  Love does not seek to change another, a situation or a condition.  Love seeks to remind us that good is omnipresent because G-d is Omnipresent.  Love seeks to remind us that good is Omnipotent because G-d is Omnipotent.  Love seeks to remind us that good is Omniscient because G-d is Omniscient.  Love is the Spirit, the Power and the Intelligence of G-d continually creating through every living thing that which G-d desires through us to experience.

     We can "let Love prosper us" simply by thinking thoughts of love.  What is it that we would "love" to do, to be or to have?  Let "love" become our prayer ... let the thoughts of "love" become our asking ... claim the good thing with the love of it and know that "Love is pointing the way" and this thinking love will create that within our experience that is receptive to all things necessary for us to have, to be or to do, that which we love.  

     Say these words to yourself: 
"Perfect Love within me, Perfect Life within me, which is G-d, come forth into expression through me as that which I am; lead me ever into the paths of love and perfection and "cause" me to see only the Good."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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