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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 28, 2007 

                                "Your prosperity is not a thing of condition; your prosperity is not a thing of law over which you have no control.  Your prosperity depends upon the grandeur of your thought and nothing else.  Your word is the cause of all that is.  But few people realize that ... " - Dr. Ernest Holmes, Author of The Science of Mind

Those who lack the awareness of spiritual principles often think that prosperity is all about material things, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Spiritual prosperity brings us ever closer to God, Infinite Spirit.  The Creator has given us an infinitely abundant Universe in which to live, and as we learn from the allegory of Adam and Eve in the Bible, we are to accept the Good that God has prepared for us.  There is a real "Garden of Eden" but the masses are not aware of this; it is the unlimited abundant Universe in which we live.  The Infinite does not do anything on a small scale and the Garden of Eden is no exception; it is not a place on the map, it is a state of mind, and it is available to ALL.  We have allowed false religious concepts to blind us to God's Infinite Goodness.  We have allowed ourselves to believe the lie that poverty is more godly than prosperity.  We have allowed ourselves to believe that God rewards and punishes based on our human behavior.  And, worst of all, we have believed that sometimes it is God's will that we be poor.  All of this is just so much nonsense ... but at the time we accepted it in our consciousness, it must have made sense to us, for there are many of us who struggle financially.

     Religions and even spiritual teachings have taught us to tithe in order to prosper, but tithing does not guarantee prosperity anymore than not tithing can block our prosperity.  Usually those who are telling us to tithe are the ones who are being tithed to.  Giving to our church or spiritual teacher is our responsibility, no different than anything else we pay for.  If we want electricity, we pay the electric bill.  If we want spiritual guidance or inspiration, then we must give something or at some point the church or spiritual teacher will not be there for us.  And our belief that we "don't have the money" ... only holds us back ... not the church or the spiritual teacher.  We "always have something to give" ... this is the truth that begins to free us from financial struggle ...
"Our prosperity is not a thing of condition," Dr. Holmes tells us, and this is true.  Nor is it "a thing of law over which we have no control," he says.  Our prosperity is dependent on one thing and that is our "belief" ... and as we believe that we are prosperous, our thoughts and words will be aligned with this belief.  If our "belief" in prosperity is "wavering" ... then our thoughts and words will be aligned accordingly to our wavering.

     The truth of spiritual prosperity is that we must stay consistently and constantly in the "spirit of prosperity."  In other words, we must use our mind and "double-think."  We must think prosperity at the same time as we balance our checkbook and pay our bills.  We must "double-think" that we never have less no matter how much we may be paying out.  We must "double-think" and realize that our belief in our prosperity attracts to us prosperity ... not the things that we do or the conditions in which we live and work.  Our prosperity is not dependent on persons, places or things ... it is dependent on "belief" ... and this "belief" must be centered in the Principle,
"it is done unto you as you believe."  In order to firmly "believe" ... we must make it a habit to be conscious of what we are believing.  And in order to be conscious of what we are believing, we must be conscious of the words we use and the thoughts that we think.  Our thoughts and words will reveal to us, "clearly" ... if we are believing in prosperity ... or limitation and lack.

     The Science of Mind offers spiritual mind treatment as the "mental tool" to keep us conscious of what we are believing.  A treatment is a series of statements that declare what we believe about God ... our relationship to God ... what we "accept" for ourselves ... our measure of gratitude that we have what we desire ... and a declaration that we have released our words into Mind knowing that the "Law of Attraction" will return to us ... what we believe.  But ... our treatment must "convince" us that we have what we desire ... that it is ours now, even if only on the Un-Seen side of Life.  And for many of us, we may spend hours in treatment before we are truly "convinced" that our Good is ours, now.  In treatment, we may find ourselves using words that, previously, we failed to use, because as we work in treatment, we become far more conscious of the words that we use and the ideas associated with them.  Our work in treatment will be very satisfying as prosperity becomes the Law of our lives.

And so we find that we can demonstrate "money for nothing" but by "right thinking."  We cannot manipulate the Law with things, actions or even words that have no true meaning to us.  We must foster and nurture within our mind a "belief in our own ability to accept prosperity" ... and a confidence in our selves to know that we can "double-think" our way to prosperous thoughts under any circumstances.  Our mind is not limited ... when It is aligned with the One Mind which is God, unlimited Good.  Always remember and never forget, "money for nothing but by right thinking." 


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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