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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, October 28, 2012 

        "I am surrounded by pure Spirit, by God, the Living Spirit. My thought is God thought, and it is the law unto that thing where unto it is spoken. Everything that I do shall be a success. I am fed, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and of right action. I am compelled to move in the right direction and to always know what to do, where, and how to do it.
            I am surrounded by right action. I am filled with the consciousness of right action. Right action is success in all that I undertake to do. I am successful in all my undertakings, and I am compensated for all my efforts. I am surrounded by Substance, which is always taking the form of supply and always manifesting Itself to me in the form of whatever my need may be at the time.
            I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of
whatever it takes to make life happy and opulent. There is a continuous movement toward me of supply, of money, of all that I need to express the fullest life, happiness and action.
            I have an inner understanding of my place in the Universe. I know that it is unique. The Divine has not incarnated in anyone else in just the same individual way that It has in me. I am unique and forever individualized. Therefore, I do not need to
imitate anyone or to long for the good that belongs to another. All is now mine and is now manifest in my experience. I do not compete with anyone, for I am and remain forever myself. This self is united with all selves, but is always an individual and a unique self.
           There is that in me which all people recognize as worth while and desirable, and everyone whom I meet loves this self of mine and recognizes its worth. I draw all toward me and those whom I can benefit and those who can benefit me are irresistibly drawn toward me. I do not strain, will or coerce. I know. The Truth makes me free from the fear of poverty or bondage, and emanci­pates me from the thought of limitation. I see that money, like everything else that is desirable, must be a spiritual idea, and I know that I have this idea right in my mind at this moment, I shall always have this idea of abundance. It is mine and I take it.
         The opportunity for self-expression and compensation is al­ways open to me and I am at all times compelled to know, accept and operate upon this opportunity. I have abundance because I am abundance. ‘All that the Father hath is mine.
- Ernest Holmes, Supply from The Science of Mind and Spirit

        There is something about money that is irresistible to so many people.  It is given power far beyond anything that is possible for it to do.  Many people believe that all their problems in life would be solved if they just had a lot of money.  Many people think that money gives them security and so insecurity is felt when it is lacking.  When people have money they feel healthier and happier and just the opposite when they don't have it or feel like their money is "tight."  I believe this "irresistibility" factor concerning money has a deeper meaning for us than probably most consider consciously.  In my early years as a spiritual practitioner I had an appointment with a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I asked her what she would like for me to pray for, she said, "a million dollars."  I was very surprised by this as I was expecting her to ask for prayer for health or physical healing or even perhaps peace of mind with her situation.  I will have to admit that my prayer-work with her was probably not very effective as I just couldn't seem to get past the shock I felt when she said "a million dollars."  Yet, now I understand the psychology behind the request; money is something that we can see, feel and touch … while spiritual-healing is an unknown until the work is made manifest.  Consciously we feel security in the things that we can see, feel and touch, but this will always be a false security or at best a very temporary one.

                From Charles Fillmore’s classic book “Prosperity”: 
There is a kingdom of abundance of all things, and it may be found by those who seek it and are willing to comply with its laws. Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. This does not mean that it is hard because of his wealth, for the poor man gets in no faster and no easier. It is not money but the thoughts men hold about money, its source, its ownership, and its use, that keep them out of the kingdom. Men's thoughts about money are like their thoughts about all possessions; they believe that things coming out of the earth are theirs to claim and control as individual property, and may be hoarded away and depended on, regardless of how much other men may be in need of them. The same belief is prevalent among both rich and poor, and even if the two classes were suddenly to change places, the inequalities of wealth would not be remedied. Only a fundamental change in the thoughts of wealth could do that.”

            It is with the persistency of faith that we draw to us all the money and everything necessary that we require to live the way to a wonderful life.  It is faith that gives us the “evidence of things not seen” that can fulfill the desires of our heart when our intentions are aligned with the nature of our Source, G-d; Infinite Spirit.  The ancients in their wisdom have informed us that nothing is ours to hoard or to possess forever, that all that G-d has made available to us is ours to use and to share in making the world a better place for all of us.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus told the rich young man that he must leave all that he had and “follow him” … that is, follow Jesus in believing that G-d gives us each day our “daily bread” … that our faith in G-d is our sufficiency in all things.

            Once again, let us review the wisdom of Charles Fillmore
:  “We want to make this substance that faith has brought to our mind enduring and abiding, so that we do not lose it when banks fail or men talk of "hard times." We must have in our finances a consciousness of the permanency of the omnipresent substance as it abides in us. Some wealthy families succeed in holding their wealth while others dissipate it in one generation because they do not have the consciousness of abiding substance. For many of us there is either a feast or a famine in the matter of money and we need the abiding consciousness. There is no reason why we should not have a continuous even flow of substance both in income and outgo. If we have freely received we must also freely give and keep substance going, confident in our understanding that our supply is unlimited and that it is always right at hand in the omnipresent Mind of God.”

     It should never be our intention to think of “having money” but having the ability to “circulate money” that will give us the increase both in income and in our ability to give it out.  Our giving should be with the conscious recognition that as we “use money” we are prospering others whether it be in the form of a gift, a purchase or an investment.  Hoarding money or attempting to hold onto as much of it as possible is selfish and limits our ability to realize an increase.  We may get a temporary increase, but never the permanency that entering into the Divine circulation affords us.  The truth is that as we freely give we shall freely receive.  Our giving and receiving are the “effects” of our faith … the “evidence of things not seen” … and this we must establish in consciousness.

    As the lyrics in the song go:  “Money, money, money … always sunny … In the rich man's world” … and this is the truth for those who are rich in faith and sustain a spirit of generosity.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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