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Sunday, October 29, 2000

"Little children, let us not love in word or speech
          but in deed and in truth."
 - 1st Book of John 3:18, The Holy Bible

Fear is the antithesis of the faith. It is the negation of confidence. Like  faith,  fear can be conscious or subjective, and if it is going to be eliminated, it must be removed both consciously and subjectively.
[Science of Mind]

               We know that fear is the Power of Love used in the negative.  There Is only One Power and that Power Is God of Love.  Love is a synonym for God.  The same water that we drink can drown us. The same fire that warms our homes can burn them down. The same electricity that lights our way can kill us. Adolph Hitler and Mother Teresa used the same Power - Love. Hitler used it in the gross negative.  Fear is man-made. It is not of God's creation so it is only "false evidence appearing real." In other words, fear is an assumption of something negative that is yet to happen rather than an expectation and confidence
in the Good. But many accept it as real and many are destroyed because of this acceptance. Friendships, trust, and even Love can be lost or destroyed. Careers are lost, businesses and even churches fail because of it. Fear robs us of happiness that can never be regained. It is the greatest obstruction to Spiritual growth and awareness. Fear destroys.  Love creates. Love only gives power and glory to God or the Good. Love sustains us and maintains us but we must reject fear for this to be so.

                We have learned fear. It is not natural to the nature of us as we were created in the image and likeness of God. For many of us it began with the "boogie man." That character of our childhood that our parents used to discipline us and calm us down. It, like a Halloween ghost, was always lurking in the darkness. We have learned to fear many things, including Love. Religions teach us to fear God and accept evil as real, and then they wonder why we don't Love each other. In teaching us to fear , we have been mesmerized into fearing Love. Love in each other and Love within ourselves. Yet, Love can move us beyond our human fears. In this moving through our fears, we learn to trust God, ourselves and each other. Fear has no power, only Love has Power. The Power that we seek is the Power of Choice. As we choose Love, always, even in the face of fear, we grow ever more closer to that true Love that enfolds us and protects us from the losses of fear. Fear deceives us, tempts us and manipulates us into losing our Love for Life, our inherent Joy, our Goodness and stops the flow of the gifts of Spirit into our Life. It inhibits the mind from receiving insight and guidance from our Higher Self within. It tricks us into believing that it can deliver something better, something safer, something more secure, than choosing Love. In the Bible it is referred to as the Devil or Satan. In Metaphysics it is referred to as ego. To me, it is the "antichrist" that seeks to stop us from experiencing the Christ within. But we know, it is only an illusion of the Power of Choice used without Love.

             This week, let's allow Halloween ghosts and goblins to be the only things that "scare" us. Let's use our Divine Power of Choice with Love in all things and at all times. This Life is ours to Love and Enjoy, let's reject fear and begin a "Love Affair" with a Life filled with all Good and Perfect things!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates