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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 29, 2006 

       "All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest--never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principle of equal partnership. - Ann Landers, 1968

I grew up reading the syndicated Ann Landers column in the newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and I always appreciated her wisdom and advice.  Most of all I appreciated the fact that her advice "evolved" as she gained more wisdom from her experiences and the experiences of those who sought advice from her.  Although her writings would not have been defined as spiritual, there was always a spiritual quality to her work ... her advice was almost always directed to the "spirit" of the person seeking help.

     In the statements above written by Ann Landers in 1968, she refers to the "principle of equal partnership" ... in metaphysics we would take this a step further and explain it as the "Principle of Unity."  It is the Principle of Unity that attracts us to another individual ... always.  And, as we realize that this is always so, we gain a greater understanding of not only our relationship with the individuals in our lives, but also our relationship to the Infinite.

     This ministry receives so many prayer requests concerning relationship issues and marriage ...  and for all of them, the root of the discord is always a lack of understanding of the "Principle of Unity" ... and for many there is a resistance to the realization of this Principle ... for in its realization ... comes responsibility ... and even perhaps an "inner battle."

     From the Science of Mind we can read, "We came from Life and are in Life, so we are One with Life; and we know that Instinctive Life within - which has brought us to the point of self-recognition - still knows in us the reason for all things, the purpose underlying all things; and we know that there is nothing in us of fear, doubt or confusion which can hinder the flow of Reality to the point of our recognition.  We are guided daily by Divine Intelligence into paths of peace, wherein the soul recognizes its Source and meets It in joyful union, in complete At-One-ment."

     And so this Principle of Unity, is Omnipresent ... in and through All.  In other words, as within, so without.  And as in all things, this Truth is apparent in relationships and marriages.  Whatever we are "within" ... we will attract to us on the "outer" realm of our life.  It is the Law of Attraction in alignment with the Principle of Unity.  The old adage, "opposites attract" ... is a myth ... it is not the Truth.  The Truth is "like attracts like" ... and the reason this is not always so apparent is that our thoughts and beliefs are deep within our subconscious ... and "when deep calls unto deep there is a simultaneous agreement" and a demonstration (physical effect) is made.

     And all of us can agree with this 100% when it appears to be positive, loving and joyful.  However, this same Principle of Unity is working in our lives when it doesn't appear to be so; when we disagree or find fault with those we are in a relationship with or married to.  Very few people want to agree with the fact that their seeming "bad relationships" had anything to do with them.  Or that the person who may make them uncomfortable is actually only playing the role we have given them in our subconscious mind ... they (the outer) are the actors ... we (the within) are the directors of our life ... this is Unity.  Not just when it all looks pretty ... this is also true when it can also appear very petty ... or even cruel and vicious.  And the more we resist the Truth of this ... the more we fight it or deny it ... the more it will continue to manifest in our lives.  We can never heal anything; that is, find the Good in anything, by running away from it or ignoring it.

     No matter what we may be experiencing ... it is for our Good.  And until we know this is so, we will receive many opportunities to realize that it is.  There is a question in scripture that is attributed to the Master Mind Jesus, "would a father give his child a stone if he asked for a fish?"  And neither will we demonstrate something different than that which we hold in consciousness (our soul) ... unless our consciousness changes.  And the first step to changing consciousness is the "realization" of what we have the consciousness of; joy, confidence, love, happiness ... or something else.  Whatever it is, it is reflected in our relationships and marriages.  No one or no thing, outside of us ... comes to us ... except through our consciousness ... this is the Truth.

     And so we must be ever so grateful to our "Soul Mates" ... those who we have attracted into our lives in relationships and marriage ... for our soul has unified with their soul for a Good Purpose ... and this Good Purpose is always for us to heal that which limits our capacity for love, joy, happiness and passion for life.  And yes, I know this soul-to-soul connection will not always be filled with grace and ease ... as many of us have some healing work to do ... but we can do it as we trust in the Infinite to guide us through it.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Hank Bates

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