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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 30, 2011 

           "You have free will.  You are an individual.  You can start today and build a new law of attraction within yourself.  You can so recognize the presence of Life in everything you do, say and think, that you can create a new environment, new circumstances, here, now, and quickly.  No one else can do this for you as well as you can do it for yourself.  Then decide to think happiness and peace.  Keep this secret within yourself – it is sacred to yourself – it is the true Holy of Holies within you.  You have the power.
      You do not have to beseech Life to be good or to bring good into your life.  Life is like the sun.  It shines on everything.  …. Open the windows of your mind!  Open the doors of your soul!  Lift up your thought and let Life be to you whatever you wish It to be!"
- Dr. Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called Life

      I believe there are "life lessons" in just about everything that we observe, and this Major League World Series contest between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, was no exception.  The St. Louis Cardinals, by most people's opinions, weren't even supposed to be in the "post-season" games let alone be World Series winners.  Yet, the team that wouldn't quit, with a coach that kept thinking about the next inning rather than the past one, won in the end.  One of the biggest surprises and most exciting plays, of the Series was that David Freese [#23], kept the Cardinals in the Series in game 6, when it seemed that all may be lost, with his walk-off home run in the 11th inning. In Game 7, after falling behind 2-0 in the first inning, Freese made the Rangers left-hander pitcher pay for walking Pujols and Berkman with a two-run double to left-center field that tied the score. The Cardinals never trailed again and Freese went on to be named MVP [most valuable player] of the Series ... and received a new Chevrolet Corvette as a gift!

     All this is pretty amazing for a guy who decided to quit baseball after high school and missed games in the past due to injuries.  Yet, we realize that doesn't matter, as "Principle is not dependent on conditions" and so we know that the "spirit within" that desires to go beyond that which we have accomplished before, will find that within us to do just that.  David Freese had many accomplishments in his baseball career.  But, he turned down his first opportunity to play on a college team and took a break from baseball and studied computer science at the University of Missouri.  After a year away from the game, he realized how much he was a "part of the game" and asked for a roster spot at St. Louis Community College-Meramec ... he knew that the "love of the game" was within him, in other words, he realized his purpose.

     Dr. Robert Bitzer wrote in his book, "Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer" in the chapter titled, "The Power of Purpose," that "Successful people are motivated by purpose, and all of their activities are geared toward achieving that goal.  The purpose must be one in which you can put all your creativeness.  Your interest must be all-consuming.  Lacking a powerful, positive purpose, and individual's life has no direction.  Lethargy and inertia are bound to settle in."  We all have a purpose whether we realize it or not.  Consistent contemplation of our life experiences will reveal it to us.  

     Success does not just happen to us, we must believe that it happens for us.  We must establish in our consciousness self-acceptance and self-respect.  We must foster and nurture the truth in our mind that "what one can do, all can do" and realize that our Creator has incarnated within us the dominion and authority to do the things that we choose to do, successfully and joyfully.  There is a great inner joy associated with knowing that we are working "on purpose" ... that is to a successful result of what we are doing.  And this is not limited to winning the World Series or being named an MVP, but even in small achievements that reveal to us progress and growth towards our goals.

     Dr. Holmes reveals to us, "you do not have to beseech Life to be good or to bring good into your life.  Life is like the sun.  It shines on everything" ... these words speak to the words of the radical Jesus when he told us to look to Nature to understand this Thing called Life .  The radical Jesus told us that "it rains on the good and the bad alike" ... and we learn in the evolutionary science of mind that "G-d is no respecter of persons" ... these truths provide for us a mental equivalent to know and believe and to have faith in not only G-d, but also faith in our own ability to achieve, to accomplish and to live the good life.  Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly" ... and this "I" is the "Intelligence" of the Spirit speaking through him to all of us ... revealing the way to a wonderful life.

     And so we see that Life is what we think it is for us, all of us.  There is absolutely nothing that can stop us from accomplishing that thing that is ours to accomplish.  As we keep our mind, first, on G-d, that is G-d within us, we shall discover within our self that which is ours to do.  As we believe this and accept that it is so, we shall be guided and directed, energized and inspired to know that "that which I am to do best" as the great Emerson revealed, "only my Maker can teach me."  So, let us accept these words from Dr. Holmes and make this our truth, beginning right now: 
"open the windows of your mind!  Open the doors of your soul!  Lift up your thought and let Life be to you whatever you wish It to be!" 


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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