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Weekly Message for Sunday, November 2, 2003

                        The Master Mind Jesus knew that the key to Life was to be willing to give ... and in fact, He taught that we must give first ... before we receive.  We can look at nature and understand this to be a Universal Truth ... it is indeed a sowing and reaping universe ... we sow first in order to reap.  This is a Law of Nature and also a Spiritual Law.  No matter what we are faced with we must sow or give that which we want to receive in return.  If we want more money, no matter how little we may feel we have ... we must give of it.  If we want more love ... we must be more loving.  And if we want to experience good health in the face of illness ... we must give our mind ideas and thoughts of health.

       Often, I find in this work that many people are so wrapped up in their seeming problems and challenges that this takes the form of self-centeredness and often self-pity.  These type of feelings bind us to the problem and our healing of conditions and situations under these circumstances becomes both difficult to overcome and self-defeating.  "Resist not evil," is the way stated the Master Mind Jesus and Religious Science echoes this same teaching.  And so we know we must change the "state of mind" that persists in resisting evil ... or the problems we may be facing.

       An effective way of ceasing to resist evil is to begin to expand our thoughts and feelings and begin praying for others ... as sometimes even praying about our problems will increase our problems if we are not careful.

      I suggest that we pray for our soldiers in Iraq and around the world ... pray for the firefighters who put their lives on the line every day for other people.  Almost every day the news brings us stories of our soldiers either being killed or injured ... and this week we had news of firefighters losing their lives in California.  Now, I am not suggesting that we should limit our prayers to our soldiers and firefighters but I certainly believe that these prayers are a good place to begin to move us in mind from the discord we may be experiencing.  No matter what our views may be regarding the war in Iraq, our soldiers are doing what they know to be the best they can do.  They are putting their lives in critical situations on a daily basis and are enduring conditions that would be frightening for the majority of us ... and this holds true for our firefighters as well.  Supporting them with daily prayers will be beneficial to them, to the Universe and to those individuals who are praying.

      I invite you to join me this week by taking a few minutes of your time ... get as still as possible ... thank God for our blessings ... and then affirm that God is blessing our soldiers and the firefighters ... recognize for them that they are embraced by the Infinite.  Give and be given to ... we can heal, prosper and bless ourselves by beginning to bless others with our prayers.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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