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Weekly Message for Sunday, November 3, 2002

The word "Joy" is used repeatedly throughout the Bible, and in metaphysics we know that "Joy" is a quality of God.  Happiness and Joy, Love and Light, Harmony and Power ... all are qualities of God that we can "recognize" at any time and then "realize" these in any situation or circumstance.  But so often when we experience things that don't seem favorable to us, we move into a feeling of "serious-ness" and in taking things so seriously they take on a "power" they would not have were we to "detach" ourselves from them.

             Now, I am not stating that we ignore our problems and hope they go away as that is not beneficial to anyone.  However, we must begin to understand in a greater way that we must turn from our problems to the solution ..... and when we do, we are turning to God or the Good.  As we move in consciousness to "recognizing" the Omnipresence of God, this should bring with it a great sense of Joy.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  In other words we are to un-burden ourselves and "surrender" our problems to God.  This "surrender" should "enliven" us, bringing with it a "sense" of the solution that moves us through to the "other side" .... into realizing the solution.

           Dr. Ernest Holmes in discussing the steps of Scientific Prayer or Treatment states that we are to 1) Recognize the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of God, 2) Unify with this idea of Omnipresence and "know" that we or our situation or condition cannot be outside of Omnipresence, 3) Realize that we have turned to the "Doer of the Impossible, and then 4) give thanks with "joy". .. know that it is accomplished, finished and over ... and then 5) Release it, give up our feelings about it .... our anxieties ... and begin to "live in the solution."

          After we pray, we should have the enthusiasm and expectancy of "having" whatever it is that we are trying to demonstrate (realize in our life) ... whether it be more happiness, greater success, a loving relationship or a greater realization of health.  If we "feel" the same after we pray or do a treatment, then it is not going to work.  If the prayer or treatment does not create a movement in our consciousness that "releases" the sense of a "burden" in our life ... or the continued expectancy of more of the problem ... then we need to sit still ... as long as necessary in the Silence ... until we can feel a "sense of release" from whatever it is that is troubling our mind or our life.

          As we realize the Omnipresence of God or Good, there can be no "sense of separation" or we are accepting that there is God and something else ..... God Is Omnipresent ... there is nothing else... only Good.  If after prayer or treatment we continue to be "troubled" by the situations and conditions in our life ... then we are rejecting our very own Good.  Why do we do this?

         Dr. O. C. Smith stated that we continue our problems because we become as "serious as bad breath."  We get into the drama, the fear .... we start telling everyone how "serious" our situation is .... we cling to it ... and therefore we cannot "detach" ourselves from it long enough for the "solution" to enter into our mind.  If we try to solve the problem at the level of the problem .... we won't.  It is that simple.  Seriousness takes us to the level of the problem and denies the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God ... the Source and Substance of our Good.

        Lighten Up!  Know that whatever your problem is ... it is Divinely Out-matched!  There is no-thing that can keep us from the Good that we "claim" for ourselves, but us ... let's get ourselves out of the way ... release the "serious-ness" and accept a sense of "joy" knowing that "joy" comes from the energy generated by enthusiasm, expecting the best and giving up the drama. 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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