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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, November 3, 2013 

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            "... you will find that the healing principle is a state of peace, a state of peace that we achieve through the realization of the Presence.  That is our form of prayer - just the realization of the Presence, just a feeling of a state of peace. ... We remain in communion until a sense of peace steals over us, a sense of peace which comes from but one recognition:  I am with you; I will never leave you, nor forsake you.  I, in the midst of you, am mighty.  My presence will go before you to make the crooked places straight.  I will go before you to prepare a place for you.  "My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth" - not with human honors or human wealth, but a peace transcending man's understanding, a peace that comes when the Christ is enthroned in your consciousness as the source of your health and the source of your supply. ... No other peace can be lasting, except the peace that comes as the Christ is enthroned as the source of good and as the only power in individual experience." - Joel S. Goldsmith, The Deep Silence of My Peace

I have found that although I don't always agree with Joel Goldsmith, I can always find something in his writings which I agree with ... and often something that I have personally experienced. 
All it takes to sit in the silence and feel the presence of G-d in our mind, our heart and our soul in a greater way, is commitment.  "Seek and you shall find" Jesus stated so clearly and in the ancient wisdom we can read "be still and know that I Am G-d."  If we take the time to "study" the life of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna, we shall find that each of them instructed us to "be silent" in the Presence of G-d.  It is the time in the "silence" with our inner ear concentrated on "listening" that we contact the Spirit.  It is in the silence that we loose fear from our mind, heart and soul.  Now, we may not think we have fear in our consciousness, but most of us do have doubts and worries.  And some of us even have desperation, confusion, self-pity and a feeling of hopeless struggle.  

      It has been written that
"to contemplate G-d as the One Presence, One Power and One Intelligence, is all that we need to do to begin progressing spiritually."  And I can assure you that this is true.  To progress spiritually means to be at peace; to live in a state of absolute trust in G-d and the Love and Law of G-d.  Jesus stated "you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." But what is the Truth that we need to know?  It is that G-d indwells us ... it is what the ancients referred to as the "Christ" ... it is that state of consciousness that is fully aware that G-d has incarnated a part of Itself within us ... G-d Power, Spirit and Intelligence within us ... and in the image and likeness of G-d we have access to all the Power, the Spirit and Intelligence that we can believe we have.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus said, "don't you know that you are G-d's?" ... in other words, can we believe and realize for ourselves that we are of G-d, now and throughout eternity?

     To enter the silence effectively we must have an
"interest" in communing with the Spirit.  If we are interested in displacing worry, doubts and fear, then our interest should be directed to the Spirit .. to G-d.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "it is the Father (Ultimate Power and Intelligence) that doeth the work" ... in other words, healing our consciousness of all that is unlike G-d or the Good, is the work of the Intelligence that created us ... that gave us life.  But, Spirit must work through us, as us, to work for us.  And this is why Jesus stated further, "the Father works and then I work" ... in other words, we are to be willing to foster thoughts and images in our mind that establish within us the faith to know that:
"My presence will go before you to make the crooked places straight.  I will go before you to prepare a place for you." And in this we let our faith and trust in G-d to guide us and direct us to do that which we are to do knowing that all things work to our good.  We let the doubts and worries be displaced with confidence and hope.

     In the reading of the books of Psalms and Proverbs in The Holy Bible and The Torah, we find that the wisdom expressed in these books was not part of the culture but expressed a changeless and eternal Truth ... it was wisdom received from G-d Intelligence ... and most likely those who revealed this wisdom realized it in the silent communion with G-d.  The power of our faith is increased in the silence as we become aware that the very nature and being of G-d is within reach ... is available to us.  As we let our mind be interested, even fascinated by this experience, the Spirit fills our mind with a quiet, inner peace that displaces confusion, uncertainty and doubt.

      There are those who believe that these short 2-3 minute periods of silence is all that we need to draw to us the ideas and the conditions that heal, prosper and bless us ... Joel Goldsmith stated this as so ... but, we live in a world that is filled with noise and nonsense and without a doubt our trust in G-d must be sustained in our mind throughout our daily experiences.  We sustain this inner peace and confidence with affirmation ... affirming in a definite and specific way that which we desire to have, to do or to be.  We magnify the power of our faith with words and images in our mind that "cause" our good desires to be alive in our mind, visible to our spirit, though invisible in the physical.  It is through the trust and awareness of G-d's Presence being available to us in the silence that we can speak our words of prayerful affirmation and begin to realize the good that we desire to experience.

      We can read in the scripture,
"today is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" ... we rejoice and find gladness as we affirm this as the truth for us.  Let us affirm:  The Power of my Faith creates for me an awareness that the Intelligence of G-d has found an opening in my mind to realize for me, in me, a desire for a more healthy life, a more prosperous life, a more successful life, a more joy-filled life.  As I choose to mentally believe this is true for me, I can state with confidence that the good desires of my heart are G-d's good desires for me.  I am aware of my good in a greater way.  I am more confident that I can claim the good that I desire.  I am filled with the awareness that my faith is magnified and draws to me like a magnet all things necessary for me to experience that which resides in my mind and heart as the truth for me.  I claim my good through my thoughts, in the images that fill my mind and in the words that define what this good is to me.  I am interested in my good.  I am filled with the joy of living in the experience of my good desires.  I am fascinated with the way in which the Intelligence, Spirit and Power of G-d prepares the way for all this good and more to be made manifest in my life ... beginning right now.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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