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Sunday, November 05, 2000

 If you would find the highest, the fullest,
 and the richest Life that not only this world but that any world can know, then do away with your sense of separateness of your Life from the Life of God.
- Ralph Waldo Trine, "In Tune With The Infinite"
First published in 1899

One of the most important books I have studied in its entirety, is "In Tune with the Infinite," by Ralph Waldo Trine.  It is a journey in spiritual awareness that brings a level of understanding of our relationship with this Presence and Power we call God to the most practical application possible in the affairs of our lives.  

                 However, we will never know God from a book or from a teacher.  We will only know God by experiencing God.  Each and every one of us must experience God in our lives.  But, most of us complicate Life.  We make it complex and difficult to understand.  Why do we do this?  Because most of us make the study of Life so serious - even a struggle.  We accept burdens that are not ours.  We cling to the belief that It Is our Life, not God's Life and therefore we make everything our responsibility.  We make statements like, "divine right action" and "right and perfect time," but we really don't believe in them.  Or we let ourselves off the hook by saying, "if its God's will." 

                 Let's put our human-ness on hold for a few moments and explore how nature proves Jesus' statement regarding the mustard seed,  to be absolutely the Universal Law of Life.  All we need is the faith inherent in the tiny mustard seed in order to move the mountains of doubt, fear and worry right out of our lives.  This tiny mustard seed is planted in the ground, surrounded by darkness and suffocated by dirt.  But there Is within this mustard seed, its own individual measure of Infinite Intelligence.  Does it allow the darkness and the dirt to overwhelm it?  No, it doesn't.  It knows, without thinking, without taking thought, without struggle and without worry, that it must grow, that it must expand its awareness, in order to reach the Light that will sustain it and maintain it in a richer, fuller expression of Life.  Does it think possibly of the competition, that there are perhaps many other mustard seeds that are stronger, more beautiful,  more deserving of the Light than it?  No, I don't think so.  It just keeps growing through the darkness and the dirt, knowing that this is but an experience that expands into the greater experience of living in the Light.  It doesn't wait for the right and perfect time or divine right action, because It Is Divine Right Action in Action Now!  It knows this is true!  It doesn't fear the darkness and the dirt, it has inherent confidence in the Universal Law of Life, which is growth and expansion.  It knows that the dirt and the darkness are but the avenues of which it must spring forth joyfully and harmoniously into its Highest and Greatest Good!

                 Now, think about it, if God has implanted this measure of Its Infinite Intelligence in a mustard seed, how much greater measure Is this Intelligence within man.  Trust the Universal Law of Life.  Trust your Oneness with God.  Be in tune with It.  Do not be deceived by the human thoughts that create dirt and darkness that seemingly cannot be overcome or require us to struggle.  Know that on the other side of whatever it is that you fear, whatever it is that worries you, is the most beautiful experience of your Life.  This Is that Deeper Love that lies below and behind all things that appear to us.  It Is that Deeper Love that is the foundation of realizing the richest and fullest Life possible.  It Is that knowing that there is no place where God Is not, no situation, condition or circumstance, where this Deeper Love Is not waiting to be revealed.  Trust this Love knowing that the greater the measure of fear, concern and worry that your mind and your thoughts present to you, that this Love Is moving you to an even greater, more powerful, glorious, joyous Life experience! 

                 God Is Joy.  Jesus stated this over and over again.  God Is Happiness.  Have you ever seen a tree frown?  God Is Peace.  The mustard seed is at peace with its purpose in Life and we can be too.  God Is Power.  This is the immovable power that persists in moving us through whatever it is that we must move through to bring us into the Light. God Is Love.  This is the Love that creates Life, that creates the avenue of expression for Life and guarantees that Life Is Good.  God Is Light - and So Are We - it is our natural state of Being.  We must live in It, we must take great Joy in It, we must "Let Your Light so Shine before men,  that they may see your Good Works and give Glory to your Father who is in Heaven."  -  Matthew 5:16, The Holy Bible

                    This Deeper Love Is the Father Within - the Power Within.    Let Your Light Shine - It Is Divine Right Action that you do so!  Let Your Light Shine - Now Is the Right and Perfect time!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates