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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for November 5, 2017


            "Jesus tried to establish the kingdom of truth in man so that men would teach it, but he failed not because he was ignorant himself but because man was not developed enough to receive it."  - Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

            Recently I was listening to a video of the Phil Donohue show with Reverend Ike as a guest.  I would assume the video was produced in the 70s but I could be mistaken.  The audience for this particular show was filled mostly with women and from the questions they were asking Reverend Ike it was apparent that most of them were Christian.  Many of those asking questions were antagonistic about Reverend Ike's lavish lifestyle and wanted to know how he used the money that was donated to his church.  They were not happy that he had luxury cars and jewelry but then neither did they seem to understand that his ministry paid large amounts of money for radio and television time.  Reverend Ike did not seem to satisfy them with his answers as it seemed they were so focused on the money that everything else was unimportant.  It seems those who think that "money is the root of all evil" are the ones most conscious of money and wealth that others possess.  Just as we can use the scriptures to justify thinking that money brings evil we can also use scriptures as evidence that our Creator does not desire for us to want for anything ... including money.  The most interesting question asked from the audience was:  "Reverend Ike, do you believe in life after death?"  And Reverend Ike replied, "Yes.  But I also believe in life before death."

          So many people live through struggles with health and financial hardship believing that there is a "heaven" that awaits them that will provide them a life of ease; restore their health, reunite them with loved ones and free them from the worries about money and all things material.  Religion has more or less perpetuated this idea throughout the history of mankind mostly because the leaders of religions have not realized that to be
"in the world but not of the world" does not mean that the things of the world are evil or somehow less godly than those things of the Other-World; that is the life beyond this life that we are now living.  Those who follow the "NOTW" philosophy are so hung up on morality and false judgments that more than likely they will never truly get what the Master Mind Jesus was trying to teach us.

          There is a morbidity to religion that has always attracted more people than the truth about our relationship to G-d and the Universe in which we live.  In truth, fear has more disciples than faith although those who live with fear the most will deny this vehemently.  Fear is the "cause" of unworthiness and the lack of acceptance of those things that we desire to have, to do, and to be.  So many people live a compromised life due in part to what they have been brainwashed into believing by those who teach that there is a heaven and a hell and whether we end up in one or the other is based on our living to mankind's ideas about right and wrong.  This is true for most Atheists as well.  No one would be an Atheist if they realized the truth of our being and our relationship with our Creator which has nothing to do with religion but our own personal relationship with our Maker.  

            The great Ralph Waldo Emerson revealed,
"that which I am to do best, only my Maker can teach me."  In other words, don't look to the world for the guidance and inspiration that is necessary to live the good life, the abundant life and the wonderful life.  Look to G-d; Power and Intelligence and let the Spirit renew within us that right spirit that knows and knows that it knows that the spirit within us determines the quality of our life before death and will guide us to all things that will create within us a love for this life, right now, right where we are.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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