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Radical Rev. Bates
RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (November 6, 2005)      

          "The feeling of health produces health, the feeling of wealth produces wealth.  How do you feel?" ... Dr. Joseph Murphy

          How we feel reflects our state of mind and in turn the conditions and circumstances of our lives are "effected" by our state of mind.  All of Life "feels" something ... people, animals, plants and even minerals have a feeling nature to them.  So, the question, "how do you feel?" is of utmost importance.  How do you feel about your finances? ... about your relationships? ... about the things that you have done, the things you are doing, and the things you are to do?

         I was introduced to Dr. O. C. Smith by Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone, the Spiritual Director of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, at a meeting of the Affiliated New Thought Network.  My second meeting with Dr. O. C. was at a hospital room in Hollywood when he came to visit Dr. Domenic and invited me to join him in prayer.  I will always remember that he sat across from me in the room ... about six or seven feet away ... and we did a "silent prayer" ... but, even in the Silence, I could feel his presence in the room as a healing presence.  And I knew without a doubt that Dr. Domenic's healing was a certainty.  Dr. Domenic had always impressed upon his students how important it was to "pay attention" ... and I was paying attention.  Although Dr. Domenic was visited by several ministers during this time, Dr. O. C. was the only one ... that took the time to get still ... and pray for him.  Although it seemed to be only a few short minutes, Dr. O. C. sat in silent prayer for over 20 minutes.

       In Judge Thomas Troward's book, "The Creative Process in the Individual" ... he writes that everything comes from that which was ... in other words, within our past experiences are the "seeds" of our future.  So, it is no surprise that my next meeting with Dr. O. C. was in his office asking him to accept me in the ministerial program at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  And, even though he knew very little about me other than the documents that I presented to him, he accepted me wholeheartedly.  In his words, "I love you and welcome you" ... and for him, these words were his bond.

         Dr. O. C. had studied with Dr. Joseph Murphy and Dr. Frank Richelieu, both master teachers of metaphysics.  However, when it came time for Dr. O. C. to become a minister full-time, his decision was to establish an Independent church ... one not affiliated with the established Religious Science organizations.  Once again, there was a synchronicity ... as I had already made the decision that my ministry would be Independent as well.  Both Dr. O. C. and I had a passion for Religious Science and once again, I heeded Dr. Domenic's words to "pay attention."  

        I was open to learning all that I could from Dr. O. C. ... and there was much to learn.  He had a tremendous capacity for love ... he loved everyone ... and he was devoted to his wife and his City of Angels congregation ... and the feeling was mutual.  Initially, the City of Angels theme song was "Love Train" ... and that is what it felt like on Sundays.  Each Sunday opened with the "Sunday Morning Band" and often a song by Dr. O. C. ... the service had a rhythm and vibration to it that made you feel so alive and full of faith in the Good, God.  Dr. O. C.'s voice had a healing quality that could touch your soul ... and cause you to forget whatever things may have been heavy on your mind before the service.  His services were healing services even though he never called them that himself.  He loved people with all his heart.

        How do I feel about returning to City of Angels?  I feel a great sense of excitement, love and joy ... but intertwined with these feelings I feel the absence of Dr. O. C. ... his Presence was just too large not to be missed ... and no matter what happens on November 13th ... I know I will be in the shadow of a Master Teacher.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi