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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for November 6, 2011 

          "In many cases the best form of prayer is just to think about God and His Presence with you.  This quiet contemplation of God is simply to enjoy the Presence without attempting, so to speak, to do anything with it. ... Particularly, if you are emotionally disturbed about something, or when you are worried about a number of different problems, this gentle but persistent preoccupation with the great Creative Mind will restore your inner peace and open the way to victory. ... We need to learn to relax spiritually as well as physically.  We easily forget that it is the power of God that solves our problem and not our own efforts in the making of our prayers.  Sun-bathing offers an excellent analogy here.  In sun-bathing you expose the skin to the solar rays, and then you relax and leave it up to the sun to do the rest.  You would never think of trying to rub the sunbeams into your skin, nor would you strain upward in an endeavor to get nearer to the sun, for instance.  You relax quietly and have perfect faith that the sun will do its work. ... In meditating on the Presence of God the same quiet relaxed confident attitude will bring the same inevitable result." - Emmet Fox, Find And Use Your Inner Power

      Luke 12:32 "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." - attributed to Jesus, Holy Bible

      The Spirit of G-d will always speak to us in the way in which we can receive Its guidance.  It may be in a dream, the word spoken by someone, a gentle nudging in the quiet of our mind, or a spontaneous idea that comes to us in a flash.  We know that all ideas come from the Mind of G-d, from this Infinite Intelligence that we all draw from each time we think.  Our thoughts for us are G-d's thoughts for us, but it is up to us to "choose" which ideas and thoughts we will act on, and those which we don't.  We are never without Divine guidance, unless we choose to be.  And this guidance is available to us in all things that concern us ... all things ... not just those things that we consider important or critical.

     As we read the words above from Emmet Fox and those of the Master Mind Jesus, we realize both are telling us the same thing.  We don't have to struggle and fight for G-d's love and guidance or for our good.  That which is for us will come to us in the right and perfect time, whether it be something of a material nature or an idea or solution that is needed.  The only thing that stands in our way of receiving that which we desire is our own angst, worry, frustration and confusion ... but most of all, our feeling of being separated from the Good, G-d.

     The "key words" in the statement of Jesus from Luke 12:32 is "your Father" ... and we find similar words in the Lord's Prayer; "Our Father" ...  in these words we realize that religion has been in error ... G-d is not just Jesus' Father, but the Father of us all.  And the word "Father" in the language of Jesus means "provider or Giver."  There is no "only son of G-d" ... but infinite sons and daughters of G-d ... or as a greater Truth, souls of the One Consciousness infinitely individualized.  As we accept this in our mind, we cease to feel separated from G-d ... and therefore we can realize that we can have faith that G-d is ever-present and always available to us; that is, the Spirit, Power and Intelligence of G-d.

     To awaken our own consciousness to something greater, whether it be health, wealth or successful living, we must embody the mental equivalent of the thing in our consciousness.  That is, we must be able to feel the experience of having it or being it.  Faith is in reality, a feeling or an intuitive knowing and acceptance.  We must tell ourselves that we have faith and then like a magnet we shall draw into our consciousness all the faith we require.  We can begin to work with our feeling nature by recognizing that we control our feelings instead of our feelings controlling us.  As we do this we truly experience our faith in a greater measure; faith in G-d, faith in our self, and faith in the good.

     Jesus was bold when he stated that "it is the Father's good pleasure to give to you" ... as most did not believe it then and most people do not believe it now.  The masses of people are still looking for some one or something other than G-d to provide for them.  Yet, we need never look beyond our own consciousness to have all that we intelligently seek to have, to do or to be, for G-d works "through us" ... through our consciousness to give to us.  But we must establish in our consciousness that this is so and claim our good.  Since it is G-d's good pleasure to give to us, let's not be thrifty with ourselves, but opulent.  Claim happiness - claim health - claim success - claim wealth - claim beauty and love!  Know that when you claim these things that you are claiming that part of the infinite abundance that G-d has created for you.

     Let's look at these words from "The Art of Being Yourself" by Dr. Frank Richelieu and say these words out loud:  "All good is mine today and every day.  I accept my good by divine right of consciousness.  In this conscious oneness with the Infinite, I know that I can never want for any good thing." These words can be our truth, but we must declare them as so and have faith that these words shall be known as the truth in our consciousness and will attract to us, like a magnet, all the good that we desire.  Say these words to yourself and tell yourself that you believe them ... relax and receive the good that you desire ... all the good that you desire, beginning right now.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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