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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (November 7, 2004)         

       I know that the Spirit goes before me and makes perfect, plain, direct and immediate my way.
        I rest in calm peace and in absolute certainty that all the good there is, is devoted to my well-being.
        I know this is the truth about everyone.
        I view myself as a part of the divine union of all things.  Therefore I know that I am one with every person, every event, every situation, that arises in my experience.
        I know that I bring forth from all persons and events which I contact, the best that is in them.
        I know that I give back the best that is in me.

        - Dr. Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called Life

        We know without a doubt that Life is in us, therefore we know that Truth is in us, and the Spirit is in us, and therefore Power is in us.  The words above are powerful and create a conviction in our consciousness of Omnipresence ... God always Present; God All-In-All.  This may not be true for many of us the first time we read it for many of us have yet to realize the Power of God within us.  We must master our own thinking to bring it to the level of God-awareness in All things.  We must turn from the things in our life, the wants, the limitations, the thoughts of there never being enough.  We must make ourselves do this in order to create a Life that is worth living.  The person who fears life ... who feels powerless, helpless and hopeless ... who feels overwhelmed by their conditions and circumstances ... gets very little pleasure from living.  The person with great faith has no fear ... and lives with confidence and self-assurance.  Faith is a mental attitude and it can be cultivated and become great faith. [Rev. Hank]

        It is a natural desire to enter more fully into life ... into a greater state of livingness, a more complete expression of self.  The very desire to do this rises from the urge of the Life that is incarnated within us.  Life at the center of our being is a silent Power.  It comes to us as a feeling, as conviction, as an inward awareness.  Whenever we speak from this inward awareness, consciously recognizing that all the Power that there is, is flowing through our words, then we endow our words with great power.  We should take time daily to rise above any sense of confusion.  As we do this, we will feel a stillness at the center of our being.  As we sense this inner stillness we will feel the Power moving out into action, in everything we think.  As we have absolute faith that It will do this, we will not be disappointed.

       We are not entering into this silent place for the purpose of asking the Law of Life to be power.  It already is power.  We are recognizing this Power and permitting It to flow into action through our word.  Just what is meant by "our word?"  It means our conscious intention, our conscious direction, our conscious faith and acceptance that, because of what we are doing, the Power will flow through our word in the direction we give It.

       In the Science of Mind we call this "giving a treatment."  It is praying scientifically.  This does not mean that we are holding thoughts.  It does not mean that we are concentrating the Power.  It does not mean that we are "willing" something to happen.  It does mean that we are providing a condition in our consciousness (our thought world) which permits the Power to flow through us, as us and for us.  It will always flow through us when we provide the right condition.  We are not beseeching It, we are thinking It into manifestation ... "it is done unto you as you believe" and "as we ask knowing that it is" we get results.  There may be times when we sit in the silence of our thought that many ideas will come racing through our mind, many confusing concepts; ideas of limitation and fear and a sense of uncertainty may rise in consciousness (our thought world).  We must just brush these aside mentally ... not as though we are fighting them, but more as though we are seeing through them.

     Physical facts, forms and conditions are no obstruction to this Principle.  It flows through them and takes a new form in them.  It remolds them.  That which makes can re-make; that which molds can re-mold; that which creates can re-create.  Remember, what we see comes from what we do not see.  The visible is the Invisible made manifest.  It is the Invisible caught in temporary form.  Every time we "think" .. we are giving form to this Invisible Power.

      Lay aside all sense of unworthiness.  Do not say, "I wonder if I am good enough to use this Power."  We are using It anyway.  Since It is us, we cannot stop using It.  It is not only the Mind "into" which we think, It is the Mind "by" which we think.  This is why our thought is creative.

       Any thought, word or statement, any affirmation or denial, any inspirational idea which helps us to rise above the confusion of outward circumstances, is good.  Many persons have risen above confusion by repeating the "Lord's Prayer" or the "Twenty-third Psalm" or by saying "The Power (God) is all there is."  However, there is no magic in any of these statements.  The magic, which seems to be in them, is not in the statements themselves but in the state of thought they induce.  In so far as we have belief, faith and acceptance, we can turn to an obstacle and declaring that it is not a thing in itself, and by affirming its exact opposite with complete conviction, we may see the obstruction dissolve and a new form or condition take its place.  [Dr. Holmes]

And So It Is!           
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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