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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 7, 2010 

                      "Every legitimate desire we have already has an answer in the Spirit, but it is faith or belief which causes It to respond to us.  Faith not only lays hold of a Power which actually exists, it also causes this Power to respond as though It were a law operating for us.  Somewhere along the line we shall have to surrender our weakness to Its strength, our fear to Its security, our lack to Its abundance.  Everyone who has practiced faith knows this. - Ernest Holmes, Discover a Richer Life

One of the great challenges facing many of us is to transcend the thoughts in our mind of what we "don't want" with the thoughts of what we "do want."  It is no mystery why negative thoughts overwhelm our faith at times because we are "in the world" and often forget that we are "not of the world."  In our human condition we are powerless without the Life of the Spirit expressing Itself through us as life and intelligence.  We know this in our highest thoughts about life and about our self, but we easily forget when we become tired or stressed or frustrated and impatient.  We can never undo anything that we say or do, but we can always do better, and that "doing better" is why we seek the Spirit to be revealed in our personal experiences.

When I see the "NOTW" letters glued to windows and bumpers of cars I often wonder if the person truly knows what it means to be "not of the world."   A few days ago I realized that my wondering had become a question in my mind as I witnessed the very thing I was wondering about.  As I was waiting on the street for someone the man next door came out of his house screaming obscenities into his cell phone at a female on the other end of his conversation ... I knew it was a female by the words that he was using.  I watched as he continued screaming into his phone even though he clearly saw me no more than twenty feet away ... he was so consumed with anger that he obviously didn't care.  His stream of screaming did not lessen as he got into his black Ford F-150 pick-up and backed it out of the driveway.  As he was backing out, I noticed the "NOTW" sticker on the left-side of his rear window and the words in capital letters centered across the window, "SACRED GROUND."  Now, I am not saying that this single incident or this man represents everyone who sticks these biblical messages on the windows and bumpers of their cars, but I do believe that it represents what I was contemplating as true to some extent.  It is far easier to attach a sticker to our car or truck window or bumper then it is to actually have faith in what the words on the sticker represent.  Our faith is not sealed or glued to us, but is always shifting with our state of mind.  The good news is, we can control the shifting.

It is impossible for us to fill our mind with the things "of the world" exclusive of the things "not of this world" ... that is, the things of the Spirit, and expect our life to be a continual realization of the abundant life.  There is no "receiving" without "giving" and what we give our mind each day, is what we will receive at some point in time.  The ideas and thoughts that we contemplate, the desires that we hold close to our heart, and the goals that we seek to achieve, are all interwoven in mind.  It is up to us to "get it in our mind" to live successfully and abundantly.  Our thoughts of affluence and abundance will manifest with ease once we "get it in our mind" that these things are "personal" to us.  The universe is "impersonal" ... it is also rich in abundance and opportunity.  It is up to us to make these things "personal" to us.

     It is often amazing to some people when they first begin praying affirmatively that what they pray for begins to manifest in their experiences quickly.  For many of us, this is because our mind has been "fed" so many things that diminish our power and spirit, that just these few new thoughts and ideas that affirm something greater, responds quickly to our renewed faith.  When we "get it in our mind" that our words have power when unified with the One Power, G-d, we are in control of our state of mind.  It is up to us to maintain and sustain this "awareness" of this power that expresses through us freely and without exception. 
G-d is no respecter of persons and w
e don't have to do anything but use our inherent intelligence as we let this power work for us, through us.  Let us always remember and never forget that any desire that we have that creates a greater expression of peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony and abundance in the world, is ours to have for these are the things of the Spirit and the Spirit is always seeking to express more of these things through us.

     From Dr. Frank Richelieu's "The Art Of Being Yourself" ... let us say these things to our self and get it in our mind, now: 
"There is nothing within me that denies my good.  There is nothing within me that denies my prosperity.  There is nothing within me that denies me the right job.  There is nothing within me that denies me love and companionship.  There is nothing within me but the wonderful realization of my oneness with Infinite Intelligence (G-d), the source of all supply of every kind and description."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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