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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 8, 2009 

                      “God is not personality, but He is personal to every personality in existence.  He is personal to each one of us.  He lives in all, therefore he is personal to all, and can give personal attention to the needs of each and all.  The soul knows this; the mind in its higher states of consciousness has discerned it, and thus the belief in a personal God has arisen.  The mind has discerned only the personal presence of God in the soul at certain intervals, but the soul knows that God is personally present at all times in all souls.  Thus the former belief in a personal God is not lost; it is only made infinitely larger.  The feeling that we can speak to God as we speak to a personal friend continues, only that feeling has become infinitely more beautiful.  To realize that God lives in us and we in Him, is to know that we are personally in touch, not with a part of God, but with all of God; and that all His power, all His wisdom and all His love is for each one of us now and eternally.” – Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses (originally published 1912)

     Christian D. Larson's life epitomized the life of a mystic and anyone who has read even fragments of his work must acknowledge this as so.  Going deeper into Mind and beyond the confines of culture and tradition, Larson was able to get to that place within himself where G-d is defined as Life Itself ... living in all of us.  We are "God's Best" for in Truth, we are the Living Spirit Almighty always seeking to reveal Itself in us, as us, and for us.  From his profound state of enlightenment, Larson gives us nine instructions, that if followed, will provide for us the best life we can imagine for ourselves: 1) To live always in the Secret Place of the Most High, 2) To think only those thoughts that are inspired from above, 3) To do all things in the conviction that God is with us, 4) To give the best to all the world with no thought of reward, 5) To leave all recompense to Him who doeth all things well, 6) To love everybody as God loves us, and be Kind as He is Kind, 7) To ask God for everything and in faith expect everything, 8) To live in perpetual gratitude to Him who gives everything, 9) To love God so much that we can inwardly feel that My Father and I are one. - This is the prayer without ceasing, the true worship of the soul.

     In the evolutionary science of mind and the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, we realize that what Christian D. Larson is telling us is this:  "God is Love and Love is God" ... only a Love Greater than anything we can imagine would give of Itself to someone or something that could choose to recognize It or deny It.  And in this Kindness above all human kindness, we can know that there is absolutely nothing that could cause G-d to deny Its Love for us.  The Master Mind Jesus directed our attention to this in the story of the crucifixion when he stated that those who had been given the death penalty on the cross, along with him, they too would be in Paradise that very day ... in other words, man's judgment upon them was not G-d's judgment ... now they would be free.

    "To love everybody as God loves us, and be Kind as He is Kind," is the ideal that most of us fall short of from time to time.  Yet, we should realize, always, that G-d never sees us as anything but a reflection of Itself ... infinite Love infinitely individualized as the spirit of each of us.  And so we take this one step further and realize that this is the way G-d sees everyone ... even those we, in our human limitations, judge as less than G-d's Best.  As we think about our relationship with G-d, we must always remind ourselves that G-d is Intelligence ... and always reveals Itself intelligently through our thoughts and ideas when we let It.  Judgment that diminishes G-d or that which is created by G-d, in any way, lacks Divine Kindness ... and a true understanding and awareness of G-d's relationship to all.

"To ask God for everything and in faith expect everything" and "To live in perpetual gratitude to Him who gives everything" is the consciousness of knowing that we are one with G-d, that we can never be separated from the Good or Life Itself, nor can anyone else.  This does not require us to be religious, but instead lifts us to the realm of knowing that All Is G-d and All Is Good and in this awareness we are grateful.  Religion attempts to make "conditional" our relationship with G-d, but that is just so much childishness.  To imagine that G-d, Intelligence, must work for us through a specific deity or the "opinions" of man, is limited thinking.  In reality, to live in obedience to religious dogma, is most often to live in denial of G-d's unconditional Love, unconditional Givingness and unconditional Kindness.  So often people do not ask G-d for anything because they feel "unworthy" ... and nothing could be further from the Truth.  We are worthy because we are a part of G-d.  We are G-d's.

     "The true worship of the soul," is to love not only G-d as Infinite Presence, but to love the spark of the Divine within us and within everyone.  To truly express "God's Best" we must transcend the beliefs and judgments of the world, and realize that every single thing that attempts to diminish or destroy the Spirit within anyone
is just a foolish opinion coming from a lack of true worship of the soul.  And too often, is based on the worship of religion instead. 


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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