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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, November 10, 2013 

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            "I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, he can work through anyone." - Saint Francis of Assisi

        Almost everyone has at some time in their experience doubted their ability to be self-reliant.  Self-reliance comes from having the confidence that we are free to realize the good that we desire to experience.  Yet, there are so many people who allow in their minds thoughts of self-doubt and allow themselves to feel that they are somehow undeserving of the good life, the joyful life.   As Reverend Ike writes:  "If you are finding yourself getting stepped on in the game of life, it is because your self-esteem, your self-appreciation, your self-image, is not correct.  You do not love yourself correctly.  You do not value yourself correctly.  You see, self-love is self-respect.  If you value yourself correctly, if you esteem yourself correctly, if you feel right about yourself, then people are not always going to be stepping on you.  All the world will respond to you as a winner in the game of life." [Rev Ike's Secrets For Health Happiness And Prosperity-For You!]

      I love these words from Reverend Ike.  It is a simple, yet loving encouragement for each of us to think about our value, both inherent and objective.  So many of us go through life thinking about what is wrong with us, or at least what is not "perfect" about us.  We confuse our mind with comparisons and competition until self-doubt and feelings of inferiority become firmly attached to us in consciousness.  I firmly believe that if every one of us would take the time each day to look in a mirror ... and take a good look at ourselves and affirm that which is good about us that we know is the truth for us ... our lives would almost immediately begin to attract more happiness and friendliness, cooperation and prosperity. 

       I used this quote from Saint Francis of Assisi to make the point that no matter what we may have done in the past, or thought of ourselves in the past and no matter what disappointments or rejections we may have experienced in the past ... the Intelligence that clothed our spirit in human form, has created within us that Something that is not touched by any negative thing that we have been confronted with.  It is difficult to understand this until we put it to the test and start affirming and believing that this is true for us.  And we may not believe it right away ... we may have layers of negativity attached to us.  But, the moment we begin to get that "right idea" about ourselves, the layers will begin to dissolve.  This I have personally witnessed in so many people that I absolutely know it is the truth ... and it is the truth for everyone.  It is present with us always.  The great Thomas Troward tells us that It is present, but it is up to us to "stir up the spirit within" if we are to realize Its benefits. 

"Faith in the invisible permits the spiritual prototype to come to the surface.  The prototype of itself is not seen with the physical eye.  It is invisible from the foundation of the world because we do not see causation.  The very fact that it produces an effect is ample proof of its existence.
        On one of his journeys a woman who had been diseased for twelve years came behind Jesus and touched the hem of his garment, saying within herself, "If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole."  How simple was her faith, surrendering doubt and fear to the inspiration she received from one who was pure in heart, perfect in vision and divine in forgiveness.  Jesus, knowing that her need had stretched forth a hand of acceptance, told her that her faith had restored her.
       Why did not the Master Mind Jesus say, "My faith has restored you"?  It was because he knew that all people are alike in the sight of G-d that he told the woman her own faith had healed her.  Would that this thought might come to the millions whose hands are reaching out to touch the seamless robe of Truth!  The simple act of faith becomes a channel for the Divine Life to flow through us.  [to express the livingness, the givingness and the forgivingness of the Spirit, G-d]
." - Ernest Holmes, Words That Heal Today

The mystical Ernest Holmes discovered in the words and works of the Master Mind Jesus a reality for all of us.  That what one can do, all can do.  And Jesus affirmed this as revealed in John 14:12, "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do ..."  And in these words we realize that we must not only believe that we have the faith to do those things that are ours to do, but we must put our faith to work for us and for those around us.  Let us not be fooled into believing that somehow G-d has created "classes" of people.  This would be nonsense personified.  If we persist in "getting it in our mind" that we can do that which we desire to do ... that we can be that which we desire to be ... and that we can have that which we desire to have ... our faith will draw to us all that is necessary for this to be.  But, once again, as Troward tells us, we must "stir up the spirit" within us ... that is our measure of faith.  

       We will never realize the tremendous joy of having our faith work for us until we loose those things from our mind that deny the spirit within us.  Throughout my years of spiritual counseling, I have witnessed seemingly miraculous changes in the lives of people who have been willing to accept that there is no god or anyone or anything else that holds anything against them.  Even those who believe in karma can realize that karma is not permanent but is dependent on our thoughts and beliefs about it.  As we turn to G-d, our mind can be "refreshed and renewed" as we allow the Spirit to cleanse our mind of all that denies our divine nature within.  As Saint Francis tells us, "I have been ... all things unholy" ... and the key is "have been" ... not now, no longer ... I am now "renewed and refreshed" ... and ready to put my faith to work for my good and the good of all those I love.  These are the thoughts that will heal us , bless us and prosper us.  

      Let's say these words [modified from the science of mind and spirit] to ourselves: 
I am not bound by any mistake.  I now let go of everything and enter into the contemplation of peace and good and truth and beauty.  I am now conscious that G-d is All there is, there is nothing else.  I am certain that the Spirit of Reality is my spirit, flows into my spirit and through my spirit.  I am conscious that Love does guide and direct, lead, maintain and sustain.  I know that each one of us is a center of this Divine Life, in this Perfect Peace, this Complete Happiness, and this Absolute Wholeness; and I know that this Perfection - which is the center of my very being - is projected into every atom of my being. ... I know that the Law of this Being is perfect and there is no obstruction to Its operation.  I know that the Principle within me guides me, not only into the way of Truth, but in the way and the performance of that knowledge.  Whatever is for my benefit is already provided.  It is all one thing.  It is all One Presence, operating through One fundamental Law, therefore, everything necessary to my well being (whatever I think of it as spiritual, mental or physical), everything necessary to remove any belief in obstruction and the inflow and out-push of that Spirit, is brought into my experience.  All good, all substance, all supply, all activity, all opportunity for self-expression is mine now!


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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