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Sunday, November 11, 2001

                   The Radical Rabbi Jesus without a doubt has made the greatest impact on the world of any of the great mystical teachers.  Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna all gave us valuable and important insights into the Divine, but Jesus clearly surpassed these teachings by incorporating the best of each in the philosophy he taught and demonstrated.  Jesus' new dispensation was a radical departure from all other teachings in that he instructed his followers to do away with rituals and forms and most of the traditional beliefs and ideas that many of them held as sacred.  This was a radical teaching in this period of history and today, in the Year 2001, it continues to be just as radical.  Most people have not fully grasped the teachings of Jesus and many of his most profound and most powerful principles are still ignored or glossed over as they demand a greater responsibility and faith than most of us want to adhere to.

            He taught that we are to pray for our enemies, do good to those that hate us and forgive seventy times seven and resist not evil.  In other words we are to eliminate the act completely from our consciousness.  These principles are so strong that most of us find it too easy to do otherwise.  We are so conditioned to blame others, to seek revenge, to dismiss people from our lives who differ with us.  And then he taught us to not judge, either good or bad, but always use "righteous" judgment.  In other words, we must judge others as we want God to judge us or as we are to judge ourselves, with unconditional Love.  His most profound teaching was that we are to look to God for everything and let God guide us and direct us in all that we do, by Grace.  Now, none of this would be that difficult if we could sit in meditation for most of the day or to live in a sanctuary away from the activity of the world.  But, we can't and he knew we couldn't and so he taught us to "be in the world but not of the world."  This is easier said than done.  In the language of today this means we are to use our words and speak only in the affirmative of the Good, to let go of all attachments to the past, live in the Now (present moment) and transcend whatever seeming appearances of evil that we accept knowing that the Presence of God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient; All Presence, All Power and All Intelligence.  In other words, "It's All God" no matter what it may look like, feel like or sound like, It Is All God.

             To master these principles that Jesus taught we must change our entire ideas and concepts of the world that we see and the ideas and concepts we have of ourselves.  We can no longer see ourselves separate and apart from each other or from God.  We can no longer blame anyone, judge anyone or carry resentments or ideas of competition.  We can no longer give power to anything or anyone but God. In order to master the principles that Jesus taught we must continually discipline our mind to dismiss all ideas of limitation and power that is in the visible world.  We must give up the man-made concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, god and the devil, and know, without doubting that "I and the Father (Divine One, ABBA) are ONE.  We must continually live As part of the Infinite Life that God Is by letting go of all attachments and limited thinking.  We must face up to the Truth that the world we see is of our own creation - but, what we have created, we can change.  And once we begin mastering these principles we must be careful not to "cast our pearls before swine."  This is critical to our spiritual growth.  As we move into the experience of a greater awareness of God, of One with the Universal, of a Life without limitation, there will be those who will persist in attempting to challenge us to forsake the path we have chosen even though their own lives are rife with misery and dissatisfaction!

              The Master Mind Jesus Knew Who He Was, Knew What He Was Doing, Knew Where He Was Going, and He Knew The Only Person Who Could Get In His Way, Was HimselfAnd He Didn't!!

From "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green ....."Love is your true self, which springs forth from God, the indefinable everlasting fountain of existence." 
 And So It Is!             

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates