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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (November 14, 2004)         

       I am filled with the spirit of gladness.
       I have a sense of freedom and enjoyment.
       I am filled with an expectancy of good things.
       The energy of Life flows through me.
       I have no anxiety for the future, no regrets for the past.
       For today is God's day in which I live and in which I greatly rejoice.

       - Dr. Ernest Holmes

We must learn to connect with Life on Its terms.  Life is God and God is Life ... All-In-All.  We are In-God and God Is In-Us.  Whatever separation we ever feel from God, Infinite Goodness, we have created in our mind.  When we feel frustrated, depressed or gloomy, it is because we are allowing our ego mind to shut out the ever-pressing Goodness of God.  So many of us walk around seeking God ... but ignoring the Good that God has already given us.  We think we know what it is that will make us happy and at peace with Life ... but oftentimes the very thing that we think will make us happy, does not ... except for a very short amount of time.  Why?  Because true happiness and peace can only be found when we give up our idea that we must seek these things ... and just let them BE.  I am sure some of you are thinking, what does he mean by this?  

        What I mean, is that we must "pay attention" to what is happening in our Life ... I mean, REALLY PAY ATTENTION ... and look at the Good that we are separating ourselves from ... out of fear, out of doubt ... or perhaps on a human level it just does not seem "right" for us.  For example:  what experiences have we rejected because they were uncomfortable for us?  ... how long have we worked in a job because we are afraid that we may not be able to make a living doing something we love to do? ... how many times have we gone to a different church in the last year? ...  how comfortable are we in letting ourselves become uncomfortable? ... how often do we allow ourselves to put more faith in the physical than we do in the spiritual?  All of these are questions that if we take the time to contemplate them, we can begin to close the gap between us and the Good Life that God is offering us.  We cannot experience more of Good without more faith in God.  We can pray, do spiritual treatments, meditate and read every self-help book we can get our hands on ... but nothing will change until we energize the Power of God in our own consciousness (our world of thought).

       From Dr. Holmes:  "No matter what the doubts and fears of yesterday were, the affirmations of today may rise triumphant over them.  If we persist in seeing beauty, beauty will appear.  Let us no longer weep over the mistakes of yesterday.  This is futile.  We must learn to forgive ourselves even as we forgive others.  Let us remember that "each day is a fresh beginning, every day is the world made new."  It makes no difference how unhappy or fearful we may have been in the past, today presents itself with a new opportunity; today we may start life afresh.  Thus hope overcomes despair, faith vanquishes fear and defeat is swallowed up in victory."

Our angst comes from our ego ... we are not depressed ... we are just repressing our ability to have, to do, and become more.  Life will never let us off the hook for not accepting the Good that is pressing against our Mind.  It will not.  God Is All-IN-ALL ... everything we see, everything that comes into our experience is GOOD ... but only if we see without the blinders of human judgment.  That is why the Master Mind Jesus taught that we are to "judge not" and if we do we must "judge rightly."  To judge rightly is to KNOW that no matter what the appearance may be ... God Is in it working for our GOOD.  This is the Truth ... always has been the Truth and is the Truth in All-Things and in All-Ways.

When we pray we must "affirm that Good Is Present" ... even though we may be ill, poor or frustrated ... or perhaps a little fearful ... "GOOD IS PRESENT BECAUSE GOD IS PRESENT" ... and as we affirm this in our prayers, the GOOD or GOD Is revealed to us ... made manifest in the physical.

And So It Is!        [The Art of Answered Prayer - Part 1]
Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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