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Weekly Message for Sunday, November 16, 2003

                        If sexuality seems to be a sticky issue for discussion in society and our daily lives, it appears even more uncomfortable in churches and spiritual communities. The very definition of the word sexuality seems troublesome for some ministers and religious teachers.  To find legitimate information regarding sexuality and spirituality is not easy to find in either traditional religious literature or metaphysical literature.  The little information that is available is either negative regarding sexuality or is sex-oriented rather than spiritual.  Yet it almost seems profane that since our sexuality is so connected to our self-image and our measure of self-confidence, that churches and spiritual teachers give it up to the psychologists and self-help gurus ... people who by and large work from judgments based on effects rather than cause ,,, and who by and large do not understand the connection between spirituality and sexuality.

Everyone wants to feel sexually attractive even though not everyone chooses to be sexually active.  Sexual appeal is part of our spiritual strength ... as are confidence and self-assurance.  By and large, people who do not feel sexually attractive also have a negative self-image.  Spiritually this can be explosive ... our self-image is our link with the Divine ... created in the Image and Likeness of God ... this image that God has of us ... is confident and self-assured.  Now there are those who will argue that sexuality is ego-based ... so what ... the ego is not our enemy ... and a healthy ego is an ego aligned with the Good, with God.

In the Bible there are passionate passages filled with intimacy and sexuality.  Spiritual is "Spirit" and Spirit is energy .... creative energy  ... energy that is aligned with creating Good.  There is a magnetism that is apparent when we develop a good self-image ... when we exude confidence and self-assurance.  Sexuality is energy ... attracting energy ... to realize the power of Divine Sexuality we must let go of any ideas that we are not attractive ... or that we lack sexual appeal ... our attractiveness is assured for it is the Spirit of confidence and self-assurance in the midst of us that must be expressed.

      Divine Sexuality is not dependent on our weight, the color of our hair ... the clothes we wear, or anything outside of us.  And that is the secret ... our sexuality is magnetized through our imagination and recognition.  Our Divine Sexuality is the confident knowing that Infinite Spirit is expressing through us in Its image and likeness ... the image of confidence ... in the likeness of creativity, openness and adventure ... it is knowing that we are always beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, attractive and sexually appealing ... and as we accept that this is the Truth about us at all times ... we un-lock the Secret Power of Divine Sexuality that is at the center of us waiting to be expressed!
 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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