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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for November 16,  2014

           On November 15, 2014 this ministry celebrated 15 years of service to the global community via the Internet beginning on November 15, 1999.  Initially, the purpose of this work was to accept prayer and spiritual treatment requests from anyone who sincerely was seeking prayer or spiritual treatment for whatever issue they were experiencing.  As time went on I was asked to elaborate on the words and principles that I used in prayer and so I began to write weekly messages on October 22, 2000 ... after almost a full year of daily prayer for myself and for others.

           Throughout these 15 years I have been blessed to have participated in many seeming miraculous healings.  Yet, the greatest effects that I have witnessed is the displacement of fear and depression with faith and enthusiasm for life.  Faith conditions our soul to recognize absolutely that facts change but the Truth does not.  This simple understanding along with a quiet confidence allows the Spirit to work through all things for our good.  This is no Pollyanna theory, but an absolute truth that I have had the pleasure of sharing with so many others as they experienced transformations beyond their expectations.

           With the completion of these 15 years, I would like to share my first published "Weekly Message" with all of you:

Turning God Loose [October 22, 2000]
          God loves Big - Really BIG! 
Look at the Universe - it is proof that God loves big.  The bigger we make our lives, our visions and our thoughts, the more room there is for God to move through our affairs, visions and thoughts.  But if the focus of our thoughts is on the finite piece of the world that we see, we are limiting God in our lives and therefore our lives become rife with limitation and restriction.  We must open up our thinking to the panoramic view of all things.  We must open our minds to the Infinity that Is God.  We must go beyond our past experiences and history, our past thoughts and beliefs that have created limitation thinking in our minds.  

                    We must see ourselves in the BIGGER PICTURE OF LIFE.  But this won't happen unless we expand our thinking and take the steps to allow it to demonstrate in our lives.  It all starts with a "desire" for something better.  Most of us want what we have already to be better.  We want greater compensation for our jobs.  We want whatever ails us physically to be healthy.  We want our relationships to be happy and loving.  We want our friendships to be easy and comfortable.  We want a home fairly similar to our friend's homes.  What most of us imagine for ourselves is "something a little better."  Or, perhaps we think "someday" I will be ready to live a more fuller Life, a more dynamic Life.  These ideas of "something a little better" or "someday" catch up with us quickly and soon we become dissatisfied with Life, we lose our Joy for it and the more we postpone making significant changes in our thinking and the ideas we have about ourselves the more receptive we are to depression, to inactivity, a feeling of futility and resistance to change.  We have to rid the thought of "something a little better or someday" from our minds.  If we are not feeling "alive and vital" with what we have right now, "something a little better" will not be enough to create much more than a very temporary moment of mild contentment.  Today is it - there is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow!  God doesn't work in tomorrow, God only knows Today, Now!  We must give God a bigger field to express Itself in NOW!

                    BEGIN BY TURNING GOD LOOSE IN YOUR LIFE!  Take time each day and open your mind to something "grand" for yourself, something "spectacular!".  See yourself in "Love with Life."  See yourself totally free and unencumbered!  See yourself living a most wonderful Life!  See yourself feeling alive, awake and thrilled to live each day.  See yourself at the "top" feeling the "best" you have ever felt!  See your Life as vital, interesting, exciting, a Life that demonstrates the magnificence of God in all that you do!  Get your little ideas of yourself and others, your weaknesses, your fears, your "some-days" - your worries and doubts out of the way!  Dream a Bigger Dream for yourself! Get Still.  There Is Something within us thinking - which is why we can't stop thinking.  Let It think through your mind.  See in your "mind's eye" what you want in your Life.  Lift up your idea of yourself and your Life to a higher place and trust the Power within you.   And then - turn God loose to make it happen!  Feel the joy of it, Be with it and don't lose faith in it - know that it is working its way to you!  Believe in the highest thought about yourself and the things that concern you that you can imagine.

We do not Glorify God in our tears and our fears.  When we can say we depend on Principle, not person, place or thing, we are depending absolutely on the Highest Thought about ourselves and the things that concern us! <>

         Reflecting on this message, it comes to me that the two most important revelations gifted to mankind can be found in the Holy Scriptures.  The first is from the Book of Psalms 82:6 ... "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."  And the second was discovered by the Master Mind Jesus and is from the Gospel of Luke 17:21 ... "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  If we allow our mind to be enlightened by just these two profound statements we shall find that our every good desire shall be ours in the right and perfect time and in the right and perfect way.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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