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Weekly Message for Sunday, November 17, 2002

              "Healing is not creating a perfect body or a perfect idea; it is
revealing an idea which is already perfect.  Healing is not a
Process.  It is a revelation."
- Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind

In our human confusion many of us have considered modesty and humility to be good character qualities.  But our understanding of modesty and humility have been distorted and can create feelings of inferiority and superiority.  Some people are so seemingly modest and humble that they have become arrogant in their quest to be identified as modest and humble.

             The Master Mind Jesus stated that we are to "Let your Light so shine," in order to glorify God, the strength of God.  If I am assured that God Is my strength then I will automatically have a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance.  The only valid modesty and humility is to know that "It Is the Father that worketh in me."  But ........ this knowing that It Is the Father working in me must be demonstrated in a life filled with confidence and self-assurance in doing the work that is mine to do.  "The Father works and I work," Jesus declared.  In other words I am only doing that which God has given me to do knowing that I have also been given everything necessary to do it!  No false modesty or humility in this.

           Many churches, both traditional and metaphysical, have used the term "Sacred Service" to elicit services from their members free of charge.  The philosophy behind this is that "service" to a church or spiritual institution is somehow more "sacred" than doing work that compensates us.  But, there is no spiritual basis for this philosophy.   As we align ourselves with Universal Spirit, there is no big or small, greater or lesser.  Our "service" is to God and God Is Infinite Abundance ... very capable of compensating us for our services.

           Service then, is a form of giving and giving aligns us with the Universal Principles of Prosperity and Reciprocity .......... "give and be given to" ...... we give knowing that our gift returns to us with an increase (Prosperity) and we know that in the Universe there is always a "reciprocal" action.  But, so much of the service that is given, is done out of obligation or intimidation and not from the same sense of "giving" that we have when we "tithe."  To "tithe" without recognizing the reciprocal response of the Universe is to deny ourselves the "increase" that is the reciprocal action of the Principle of Tithing (as taught by Jesus).  To give "service" and expect nothing in return ......... except for maybe a little "ego recognition" is to waste our precious gifts that God has given us to not only prosper ourselves but also the Universe in which we live.

          Service and Tithing are both elements of "confidence and self-assurance" in that we give with confidence knowing that we are part of the Universal Good.  But, if we do not see an increase of Good in our Life in some form, then we must examine our reasons for service and for tithing and correct this in our consciousness.  To Universal Spirit, payment to our plumber is no lesser a gift than tithing to a church or minister ... we definitely "expect" to receive a benefit from our plumber.  The same applies to service.  Service to an accounting firm is no less a gift to the Universe than service to a synagogue, church or metaphysical institution ...... all are included in the Omnipresent Life that God Is.  It is up to us to insure that we are not "casting our pearls before swine," as the Master Teacher cautioned, and if we are not demonstrating an increase of Good (Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, Harmony, Light, Strength, Abundance) in our Life ......... then our service and our tithes are being misdirected.

       Dr. Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of the Science of Mind,  warns us not to adopt anyone else's teachings. He states, "Do not adopt the letter of my teaching, but the spirit, and you will find, as I did, that you will begin to formulate a system that is true for you. I learned for me, and you must learn for yourself that you must develop your own faith and confidence in your own interpretation of God, humanity, and the universe." 

         As we let go of the obligations, the giving without reciprocity, the service without an increase, we can begin to build a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance .... knowing that we are instruments of the Divine ... that we can formulate our own system of spiritual values that is true for us .. and with this understanding .... nothing or no one can stop us from achieving our healing of the beliefs, concepts and obligations that have not benefited us.   Then .... we are ready to "LET OUR LIGHT SO SHINE!!!!"

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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