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Sunday, November 19, 2000

Thanksgiving is the awareness that I give, because God gives through me and I receive from this same One Infinite Source.  For this awareness I must always give thanks.

                       Thanksgiving is truly a Divine idea.  It is a rest from our work  that enhances Life for each of us in a most wonderful way.  Spiritually we know that God Is giving us everything that God can and we are accepting as much of this Divine Good as we can at this moment.  This is the truth.  As we rejoice in thanksgiving for this Good we can know that even greater Good is available to us as we open our minds to the Infinity of the Universe.

                  Consciousness is the key to accepting more Good in our lives.  We must cultivate a Consciousness of Goodness, a Consciousness of Beauty, a Consciousness of Love, a Consciousness of Harmony and most importantly a Consciousness of Infinity.  We must become aware of the Infinite Source available to us in a greater way.  From this One Infinite Source, all things come into form.  It is by connecting with the Joy, Beauty, Love and Harmony that creates the gift that we are able to give and receive.  As we give of the Joy within us, our world of affairs becomes more joyous.  The same is true of Beauty, Love and Harmony.  As we see the Beauty of the Divine in all people and all things this automatically translates into a more beautiful Life experience.  Sharing our Love is but an act of sharing our Higher Self with the world in which we live.  As we increase our consciousness of Beauty, Love and Joy, our lives are grounded in Harmony.  We live in Harmony with all things and all people.  This is a beautiful way to live.

                     In our prayer life it is important to ask for more Joy, more Beauty, more Love and greater Harmony in our lives.  This is the prayer that is answered for these are the gifts of Spirit.  Our Joy may manifest as a beautiful relationship or a new house or car, but it is the energy of Joy that creates the demonstration.  We must give thanks for these gifts of Spirit and then release our prayers and trust God to bring forth our highest and greatest Good.

                   Thanksgiving is not just a holiday once a year, but true thanksgiving is the Sabbath, the time of rest from our work in our prayer life as well as our physical labor.  As we rest in the peace of the Sabbath, we know that our prayers are manifesting, doing their perfect work.  We must keep any thought of it from our mind, either good or bad as we have released our prayer to God.  If a thought comes to us regarding it, we just say to our self, "It Is Done.  I rejoice and give thanks for my Good."  This is the time to build our consciousness of power, of knowing that the Truth manifests Itself.  The Sabbath has a dual purpose, it is a time to let the demonstration manifest and a time for us to renew our mind in readiness for the next new idea, the next new concept, to be revealed to us.  This should be a period of enjoyment, of thanksgiving, of rejoicing, that our work has been successfully completed.  We can contemplate that the Sabbath is a time of knowing that what we seek, we will find, that Infinite Mind [God] responds to us.  Moses gave us the Law of the Sabbath and Jesus gave us Love.  We must use them together.  Dr. Robert Bitzer, Founder of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, taught that the Sabbath was the 7th step of Treatment [Affirmative Prayer] and to me, it is the most important step.  "But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind." - James 1:6  We use the Law to give form to our idea.  If we bring in negative thoughts or doubts during the Sabbath [after we release it to God], we are defaming the Sabbath and our demonstration [answered prayer] cannot complete itself.  Keep the Sabbath holy with thanksgiving [Love].  We express Love as we rejoice with thanksgiving during the Sabbath, accepting that our idea, our prayer, is completed!

                     Let's rejoice and give thanks for the awareness that God Is responding to our every prayer.  Let's make every day a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates