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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (November 21, 2004)         

       This week as we move into a greater study of "The Art of Answered Prayer," I want to share some great insight from a book titled, "Mind Surgery" written by Daniel Boone Herring in 1931, a master of spiritual healing:

        Jesus Saw But One Intelligence.
Jesus recognized but one kind or degree of intelligence, to wit:  the superlative degree, the utmost, the supreme intelligence -God.  He called It:  "Father," "Spirit," "Truth," "Life," etc.  Instead of merely seeing physical forms, He saw mentally this superlative, supreme intelligence within each and every form.  He said that the existence of this superlative, supreme intelligence within each form was the ultimate truth about that form, the unchanging, unchangeable fact about it.  He said that "to know this was life eternal."

         When one recognizes two degrees of intelligence, naming one "good" and the other one "evil," he brings about a mental stalemate in his affairs; for since response is the one and only attribute of intelligence, then two equal forces operating against each other brings about inertia or nothingness.

        If you recognize the intelligence of your wife, husband, friend or any other person or thing as being of any degree of intelligence less than the absolute, superlative, supreme intelligence, then you must, of necessity, receive back from that which your mind addresses, that exact degree of intelligence which you recognized.

        Knowing this, Jesus said:  "Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect."  Remember, He called this One, Supreme, Superlative Intelligence, Father; He recognized nothing of intelligence save this superlative degree; then He told us to do likewise; i.e., recognize with our own degree of intelligence, ever and always, only the One, Supreme, Superlative degree of Intelligence in whatever form we addressed - and He said that this mental attitude was "being perfect as our heavenly Father was perfect."

        The One Law of Mind's Activity. -
The law which governs mind's activity was thus stated for our benefit just as the law which governs electricity's activity was stated by Prof. Ohm.  If any electrician wishes to do any useful thing with the invisible energy called electricity, he finds that he must do so according to the law thus stated.  Jesus tells you that if you wish to do any useful thing with the silent, all powerful, invisible energy called thought (action in mind), then it must be used intelligently and this formula or law of action must be obeyed.  The law of mind's intelligent responsiveness has been stated over and over.  In one place, it is stated thus:  "Ask and ye shall receive.  Seek and ye shall find."

         "Seek and ye shall find" means what it says, no more, no less.  If you wish to get well, strong, wise or rich, the address of your mind to whatever you choose to call that to which you look for the gift, must be an intelligent address.  It is hardly intelligent to address God, Supreme, Superlative Intelligence, expecting a supreme, superlative response from It as long as you have half of its manifestation named inferior or non-intelligent; and that is what you are doing when you call anything or anyone "evil," "bad," "inferior" or "ill."  For you will admit that anything which exhibits itself as evil, bad, inferior or ill is not intelligent.

       When Jesus admonished us to "be perfect" as our Supreme Superlative, Intelligent Creator was perfect, He was merely restating the Hermetic affirmation:  "All is Good."

        Concerning Evil. -
If you recognize inferior or evil degrees of intelligence, then the One, Supreme, Superlative Intelligence must, by the law of its own intelligent Being, give you back a response in kind and in exact proportion to your recognition.  From this posit Jesus told us that whatsoever things we desire when we pray, we must believe that we have them.  Regardless of what it is you desire, whether health, wealth or happiness, it is most assuredly going to be intelligent.  If your mind cannot "mentally see" this One, Supreme, Superlative Intelligence within what you desire, then you cannot comply with that statement or the law He gave, nor can you "believe" that you are going to get what you seek.

          You cannot believe that you are going to get an intelligent response from an unintelligent demand, after you have learned the law and know that it operates in but one way - "as ye ask so shall ye receive," "according to your faith be it done unto you," etc., etc.

         If you admit that reason and logic as well as established scientific principles prove that every atom of matter, every point in space and every instant of time is filled with the One, Supreme, Superlative Intelligence, and, at the same time and with the same mental movement, within your mind admit that this one Supreme, Superlative Intelligence contains sin, sickness, death and lack - can you not see what you have done?  You have exactly equalized two forces which are one and the same but being used by you to nullify each other.  You are acting with just as much lack of intelligence as an electrician would who would wire your house for the purpose of giving you light and then ground the lead so that the electricity would flow into the ground instead of through your lamps.  In this case, it would be the same energy (electricity) but used in such an unintelligent manner as to nullify itself and nothing would result from its use. 
          < from Daniel Boone Herring, "Mind Surgery" 1931 (out of print)

         God Is All-In-All ... it does us little Good to repeat statements of Truth and continue to believe in the opposites or degrees of Good ... everything our consciousness brings into our experience is for our Good ... E-V-E-R-Y THING ... All-IN-ALL .. let us "Live" In the Love Of God.

And So It Is!        [The Art of Answered Prayer - Part 1 & 2]

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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