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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 21, 2010 

                      "The Bible tells us that one time there were several thousand people out in the desert, listening to Jesus preach all day.  The time came when they needed food, but the disciples could only find a little fish and bread.  They said to Jesus, "There's only a little fish and bread, and it is not enough to feed this great multitude."  But the Mastermind Jesus said, "Bring it to me."  He took it in his hand, lifted up His faith and said, "Thank you Father."  Then Jesus said, "Now pass this out, and give them to eat."  They passed it out and there was more than enough.  There were several baskets of food left over after all had eaten.  So you see, God always gives a surplus! ... In your mind and in your prayers you must know that you are dealing with the generosity of the Lord.  The Lord says, "I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) ... It has been truly said:  "Anyone can count the seeds in an apple.  But only God can count the apples in a seed."  ...  When you believe that the Presence of God within is your Infinite Source of all good, you will receive an abundance of all the riches of life, of all the good you desire!" - Rev. Ike (Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter), Rev. Ike's Secrets For Health Happiness and Prosperity-For YOU!

     There is Something within each of us that knows that we are part of an Infinite Life that is beyond anything our human mind can conceive.  Yet, when when we let our mind be still, we, through the grace of G-d can realize a greater conviction that we are not what we appear to be, but part of G-d.  It was a glimpse into this grace that compelled the Master Mind Jesus to declare, "the meek shall inherit the earth."  In the Aramaic language, which was the language of Jesus, the word meek means "teachable."  As we begin this week of thanksgiving, let us give thanks for being "teachable" ... with our mind open and receptive to the urgings of the Spirit within us to be grateful,

       It is normal and natural to look to the physical, the material things, when we think about what we are thankful for at Thanksgiving.  What we see are the "effects" of our consciousness, as Rev. Ike states, "the Presence of God within is your Infinite Source of all good" ... whatever it is that we see, our car, our home, our apartment, the city or area in which we live, our clothing, the food that we have, our money and investments, our friends, our spouses or significant others, and our family, are the "effects" ... these are the sum total of our thoughts about these people, places and things.  

      No matter how powerful, prosperous, or aware we may be in consciousness, the Ultimate Source of our everything, is G-d, Infinite Spirit.  It is from Spirit, that is, Mind, that imparts the ideas for good that come to our awareness.  Yet, many people will see a brand new car they absolutely love without recognizing that in this moment of "feeling" they have experienced the Spirit.  And of course this is true about other things that appeal to us, things that lift up the Spirit within us weaving a unity of the material and spiritual.  But often, when we declare that we are grateful, we recognize only the material.  Although I believe that the material is the lesser of the spirit from which it out-pictured, I know that everything is a reflection of mind.  However, mind is eternal, effects are temporary.

     To get a greater awareness of the power of our mind in tune with the Infinite, we can (1) make a list of the things, physical and material, that we have or are a part of our life experience; i.e. our car, our home, our apartment, our job, our food, our clothing, our friends, and our family.  Then (2) we should take a few minutes to contemplate each thing or person on our list and become aware of the spirit within us responding to them.  What things of the Spirit come to our awareness when we contemplate these people and things? ... do we have thoughts of love, joy, peace, harmony, happiness, beauty, prosperity, success, confidence ... as we contemplate them?  Next, (3) write down what you "feel" about these things rather than what you think about them.  Feelings are the truth of our relationship to them.  Then (4) realize that we can change our feelings about these, and realize a greater good from them ... all of them; persons, places and things.  Feelings are controlled by our spirit, not our emotions ...  emotions can create illusions ... our spirit or higher self can control our emotions, if we acquiesce to it.

     After we have created our lists, written down what we feel about them, then (5)  we take into our mind a profound truth ... we gave birth to these things ... they are birthed from our consciousness ... they are a part of us and they are part of the Spirit ... formed of the Substance of which all things are made ... formed by our thoughts and feelings about them ... and sometimes by our emotions, both rational and irrational.  Now, (6) let's take another look at our list realizing that they are a part of our consciousness ... some perhaps only fragments, but nonetheless a part.  Get a sense of feeling gratitude for these people and things ... they are a reflection of who we are ... and just as it is the truth that we are always changing, all of these people and things are changing too.  Some will increase into a greater good, others will diminish and others will simply go away or be replaced, all of which is determined by our feelings about them.

     Let's call these contemplations our "teachable moments" in this week of Thanksgiving ... and let's remind ourselves that "the meek shall inherit the earth" ... in other words, "the teachable" ... "All of us" ... we shall expand and increase the good that we have and the good that is unfolding through our consciousness.  Let's do what the Master Mind Jesus did, let us "lift up our faith" and let the Spirit reveal to us the good and the increase.  Our willingness to complete this exercise in gratitude and thanksgiving and to be authentic in our feelings about the people and things in our lives is akin to G-d counting the apples in a seed. 

    As we lift up our faith to the Spirit, let us also lift up our faith in ourselves.  Let us realize that our relationship with G-d is one of Unity, not separation, one of Love, not fear of judgment or damnation, one of Joy, for the Spirit seeks to enjoy Its Life through us and one of beauty, for it is a beautiful thing to realize that we are at-one with the One.  And as we affirm these truths within our mind this will surely be a Thanksgiving to remember.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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